15 Cucumber Recipes to Keep You Cool (As a Cucumber!)

June 26, 2023
Salads and pickles and drinks, oh my! There are so many ways to enjoy those fabulous garden-fresh summer cucumbers. Check out this collection of 15 Cucumber Recipes to Keep You Cool to get a touch of cool-as-a-cucumber inspiration.

15 Cucumber Recipes Collage

Cucumber Appetizers & Snacks

With this tasty recipe, choose from three flavorfully-delicious spreads and three ways of assembly to build a beautiful array of elegant Cucumber Tea Sandwiches for your next get-together. These little beauties will not disappoint!

Open-faced Cucumber Sandwiches Image

Aka: Super Easy Cucumber Sandwiches, these tasty Cucumber Pita Bites are such a simple little concept. --But oh-so good. With just 5 simple ingredients and about 10 minutes of prep, they come together in a flash. And believe me, they're so flavorful they're devoured in a flash, too!

Cucumber Pita Bites (aka: Super Easy Cucumber Sandwiches) Image

Easy to make, full of flavor, and a delicious lower-carb option when you want to enjoy a "sandwich" without that bread!

Low-Carb Smoked Turkey & Cucumber "Sandwiches" with Cucumber Planks as Bread Image

This classic cucumber and Greek yogurt-based sauce is loaded with flavor from salted cucumbers, fresh dill, garlic, and lemon juice -- and pairs beautifully with oh-so many things. It's just perfect as a dip with pita chips for snacking!

Bowl of Tzatziki Sauce Image

Seven layers of Greek flavors come together in one delicious dip to create this beautiful and tasty 7-Layer Greek Dip! From hummus, to tzatziki, cucumbers, dill, Kalamata olives, and more, there's a whole lot to love in this layered dipping creation.

Bowl of 7-Layer Greek Dip Image

Cucumber Salads
This simple cucumber salad gets a jolt of flavor pizazz from fresh dill, parsley, and mint. -- It's a truly fabulous flavor combination.

Platter of Creamy Cucumber Salad with Fresh Herbs Image

Salads don't come much fresher, simpler, or more tasty than this Cucumber, Tomato & Avocado Salad, dressed with a light, flavorful citrus and honey vinaigrette. It's one fabulous salad combination, indeed.

Plate of Cucumber, Tomato, & Avocado Salad Image

Greek-inspired Tzatziki Chicken Salad gets fabulous flavor from the cool, creamy yogurt and cucumber combination found in traditional Tzatziki sauce.

Plate of Tzatziki Chicken Salad on a Bed of Lettuce Image

Tossed with prepared Ranch dressing and fresh herbs, Creamy Ranch Cucumber Salad is quick, easy to prepare, and kid-friendly too. It may just be the perfect easy summer side!

Platter of Creamy Ranch Cucumber Salad Image

Two very simple ingredients + the time to slice some cucumbers is all it takes to make this dish.  Straight from Grandma's recipe box, you truly couldn't ask for an easier, more classic summer side.

Bowl of Grandma's Cucumbers in Sour Cream Image

This easy no-mayonnaise pasta salad is loaded with chopped cucumber and other summer veggies, packed with flavor, and is perfect for all those summer cookouts and picnics.

Serving Spoon of Ma's Picnic Pasta Salad Image

Easy Cucumber Pickles

Enjoy summer's bounty of fresh garden cucumbers with these easy, no cook Fresh Cucumber Pickles -- made in the refrigerator with just cucumbers, vinegar, a handful of spices, and a couple of days chilling time.

Jar of Fresh Cucumber Pickles Image

Don't want to wait days or weeks to enjoy homemade pickles? Easy Refrigerator Pickles are a quick version ready to eat in just a matter of hours! Made with a mixture of vinegar, garlic, turmeric, and other traditional pickling spices, Easy Refrigerator Pickles are packed with fabulous flavor. 

Serving Bowl of Easy Refrigerator Pickles Image

Cucumber Cocktails

Looking for a crisp and refreshing go-to summer cocktail? Give a keep-it-cool Cucumber Gin & Tonic a try! They don't say "cool as a cucumber" for nothing, right?

Cucumber Gin & Tonic Garnished with Cucumber Slices Image

Though it may sound strange, give this refreshing combination of chardonnay, cucumber, and lime a try! -- Because you'll be in for a truly tasty wine cocktail treat.

Chardonnay Al Fresco Cocktail in a Martini Glass Image

Stay cool and enjoy!


  1. Oh my gosh, this is JUST what I needed. This year my cucumber plants have gone absolutely crazy!! I have done all my canning but was looking for more creative ways to use them all so they did not go to waste. Thank you soooo much! (P.S I still have 3 dozen left lol!).

    1. I'm so glad this collection post could help you out, Holly! My oh my, you sure MUST have had a lot of cucumbers to still have 3 dozen left after finishing all your canning. Enjoy them with some of these delicious recipes!

  2. I love how refreshing cucumber is - what a great collection! Thanks so much for including me!


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