Refreshing Cucumber Gin & Tonic

June 3, 2015
Looking for a crisp and refreshing go-to summer cocktail?  Give a keep-it-cool Cucumber Gin & Tonic a try!  They don't say 'cool as a cucumber' for nothing, right?

Refreshing Cucumber Gin & Tonic

It's no secret here at The Kitchen is My Playground I'm a wine lover ... as evidenced by such creations as the Champagne Cobbler Cocktail, Moscato Bee's Knees Wine Cocktail, White Sangria with Nectarines & Plums, and Champagne Margaritas.  

In fact most of the year, a big glass of bold-and-oaky Chardonnay is my go-to drink-of-choice.

But come summer?  My go-to drink changes ...
Yes, once summer arrives I crave something a little 'lighter' and cooler.  And so, my summer go-to drink-of-choice is a refreshingly crisp Gin & Tonic.

I have recently discovered something to keep us even cooler than a Gin & Tonic during the summer months ~ a refreshing Cucumber  Gin & Tonic!

It'll keep you, well ... cool as a cucumber!

Refreshing Cucumber Gin & Tonic

By simply muddling several slices of cucumber in a cocktail glass before adding the standard gin and tonic, the subtle flavor of cucumber shines through in the finished drink.

And a really nice subtle flavor it is.

Refreshing Cucumber Gin & Tonic

If you're looking for a refreshing go-to summer cocktail ... or for just a delicious twist-on-the-traditional, ... give a keep-it-cool Cucumber Gin & Tonic a try.

Hey, they don't say 'Cool as a cucumber' for nothing, right?

Refreshing Cucumber Gin & Tonic
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Refreshing Cucumber Gin & Tonic
Source:  Adapted from
(Printable recipe)

For one cocktail:
  • 1 1/2 oz. gin
  • 4 slices cucumber
  • 5 oz. tonic
  • very small splash fresh lime juice {optional}
  1. Place cucumber slices in a cocktail glass and muddle with the back of a spoon.
  2. Fill glass with ice. Add gin, tonic, and small splash of lime juice {if using}; stir gently to combine.
  3. Garnish with a slice of cucumber and a slice of lime, if desired.


  1. I am about to make some cucumber infused gin, and now I'll definitely be muddling some cucumber in my G & T's also! I would love it if you would link this up to Tipsy Tuesday at Grey is the New Black!

  2. I've never tried a gin and tonic before. I'm not a huge vodka tonic person so I think that's why I shy away, but I like the taste of gin more. I just told someone I need to start a Pinterest board for cocktails I should try while I'm at the bar. I'm always looking for something good. Maybe I'll add this one!!

  3. Oooooo, these sound yummy! Must try.

    By the way, I'd like to invite you to post on my new blog hop ( that is open all weekend, if you're interested.


  4. Cool, most effective beverage for hot summer.

  5. Thanks. I have read many of your posts, it really good and interesting.

  6. Your shooting skill is really awesome. The pictures look so amazing. Thank you so much !

  7. wow Moscato Bee's Knees Wine Cocktail looks so refreshing. Plz post more like this.

  8. Just discovered your page and am loving it, love this food drink, how creative!!! Thank you for your post.

  9. I need a glass of this cucumber gin tonic now, thanks for share

  10. Hi,
    This is a great recipe. It looks very sweet. I will try it soon.
    Thank so much!

  11. Hi! Loved this cucumber recipe, very easy to prepare. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi! Loved this cucumber recipe, very easy to prepare. Thanks for sharing!

  13. This cucumber gin sure looks refreshing! As expected from you guys, would love to see more. Thanks for this one.


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