Pineapple Fluff

January 11, 2022
When you whip up a batch of Pineapple Fluff, you whip up pure creamy comfort in a bowl! With crushed pineapple as the star, this creamy fluff is loaded with fabulous flavor, takes just 5 simple ingredients, and is ridiculously easy to make. Whip up a bowlful as a side dish or dessert, and serve it up at potlucks or family dinners. -- Because this creamy deliciousness is perfect for them all.

Bowl of Pineapple Fluff Image

Pepperoni Pepper Poppers

January 7, 2022
Loaded with melty cheese and chopped pepperoni baked inside sweet mini bell peppers, these Pepperoni Pepper Poppers are simply popping with flavor. They're a perfect little savory treat for game day, parties, or after-school snacking. And as a bonus to their great flavor? -- They take only 6 simple ingredients to make.

Pepperoni Pepper Poppers Image

Top 10 Best Recipes of 2021 from The Kitchen is My Playground

December 31, 2021
Love year-end "best of" lists? -- Then check out the The Kitchen is My Playground's top 10 best recipes of 2021, as voted by readers' views. These 10 dishes are the reader favorites from our new content posts of the year -- and oh my, it's been a tasty year around here, for sure!

Top 10 Best Recipes of 2021 from The Kitchen is My Playground Image

Southern Collards & Cabbage Mixed Greens

December 29, 2021
Love collard greens?  Love cabbage?  The two are even better together than they are on their own! -- Especially if you like a milder-flavored version of collards.  Southern Collards & Cabbage Mixed Greens are seasoned with bacon, slow-simmered until super tender, and packed full with fabulous flavor.  They're a perfect comfort food side for Thanksgiving dinner, New Year's Day, or any time that Southern collards craving hits.

Bowl of Southern Collards & Cabbage Mixed Greens Image

Turtle Pretzel Rods

December 23, 2021
Love that classic turtle combination of caramel, chocolate, and pecans? Enjoy it in these super tasty Turtle Pretzel Rods! Crunchy pretzel rods dipped in a layer of caramel, a layer of chocolate, and sprinkled with pecans makes for one delicious sweet-and-salty treat that's sure to be loved by all.

Turtle Pretzel Rods Image

Eggnog Whipped Cream

December 21, 2021
Looking for the perfect little touch to top those Christmas desserts? Look no further than Eggnog Whipped Cream! Made with a combination of prepared eggnog, whipping cream, and a pinch of nutmeg, it brings a wonderful bit of eggnog flavor to most any holiday dessert.

Eggnog Whipped Cream On Top of a Bowl of Pudding Image

Christmas Sprinkle-Coated Sugar Cookies

December 16, 2021
Our favorite soft & chewy sugar cookies get all dressed up for the holidays! Fully decked out in jolly red and green, Christmas Sprinkle-Coated Sugar Cookies are one fun and festive Christmas cookie treat. I mean, who doesn't love sprinkles, right?

Stack of Christmas Sprinkle-Coated Sugar Cookies Image
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