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White Bean & Sausage Soup

White Bean & Sausage Soup is loaded with celery, cabbage, tomatoes, hearty white beans, and sausage ~ it's one of our all-time favorite soups.

White Bean & Sausage Soup Image

Temperatures may be starting to warm up a bit, but my tastebuds still turn to a bowl of warm and comforting soup for dinner.  Though truth be told, I enjoy soup so much I would happily turn toward a bowl full even in the middle of summer.

Sadly for me though, the rest of the members of my family are not soup lovers.  Whenever I make a pot of soup for dinner, I can hear the groans of discontent as I carry the pot of deliciousness to the table.

Broccoli-Rice Casserole

Cheesy Broccoli-Rice Casserole is a perfectly tasty side dish for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or everyday dinner.  It's classic creamy, cheesy comfort food at its best.

Broccoli-Rice Casserole Image

I'm a true lover of those little local cookbooks put together by church and local charity groups.  I just can't get enough of them, and seem to constantly be buying more ... despite the fact there's no way on this Earth I need yet another cookbook.  However, I just can't seem to help myself.

Some of my favorites?

Old-Fashioned Banana Pudding from Scratch Recipe

Follow this Old-Fashioned Banana Pudding from scratch recipe to whip up a pan full of old-timey deliciousness, just like Grandma used to make!

Old-Fashioned Banana Pudding from scratch recipe image

We have a debate in our home.  A great banana pudding debate.

The debate revolves around what's better ... "regular" banana pudding, which is the made-with-instant-pudding and topped-with-Cool-Whip stuff we all encounter most of the time ... or "real" banana pudding, which is the old-timey stuff resulting from this old-fashioned banana pudding from scratch recipe.

Can you guess which side of the debate I fall on?

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Don't want to make or eat cinnamon rolls but still want a sweet treat with great cinnamon taste?  Give Cinnamon Roll Cookies a try!

Cinnamon Roll Cookies image

You know what my Mom used to do with leftover pie crust dough when she'd make a pie?  She'd sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar, roll it up jelly-roll style, slice it, and bake it up.  And I loved it.  Absolutely loved it.

I think I might have even liked these little "cinnamon snails" better than I liked the pie itself.  (Well, unless it was blueberry pie.  Blueberry pie's my favorite.)

These cinnamon roll cookies remind me of my Mom's "cinnamon snails."  Only better.  Because they've got sugar glaze on the top, just like an actual cinnamon roll.

Grasshopper Cocktail

Traditionally an after-dinner drink, I'll enjoy the minty deliciousness of a Grasshopper Cocktail any  time!  How about you?

Grasshopper Cocktail image

I sure do love a classic Grasshopper Cocktail.  But you know what?  It's a cocktail that I often forget about.

But every time I do get around to making one and sipping on its minty deliciousness, I always think to myself I need to make them more often!

Buffalo Steamed Mussels Recipe

Are you a mussels lover looking for a great bold-flavored recipe to enjoy them?  Give this Buffalo Steamed Mussels recipe a try!  It's a fabulous tasty twist with the classic Buffalo wings flavor.

Buffalo Steamed Mussels Recipe image

Back just about a year ago, I shared a super tasty recipe for Bourbon and Bacon Steamed Mussels.  It was our sweet 7-year-old Little Miss H's first introduction to eating mussels, and I wasn't so sure how the experience would go.  Mussels aren't exactly standard fare for 7-year-olds.

Much to my pleasant surprise, she loved mussels!  I just adore her adventurous-eater spirit.  God sure knew what he was doing when He blessed me with a child who's willing to try anything when it comes to food.

Well, back when I created that Bourbon and Bacon Steamed Mussels recipe, I actually created this Buffalo Steamed Mussels recipe, too.  Based on our ever-favorite baked Buffalo wings, we figured if Buffalo flavor is great on wings, in dips, and even on Buffalo chicken pizza, then perhaps it would be good with mussels, too.

And do you know what?

Homemade Tomato-Mushroom Soup

This hearty homemade Tomato-Mushroom Soup is loaded with fresh mushrooms and full of rich and delicious flavor.  Warm, comforting, and tasty, it's the kind of good food that just makes you feel good all over.

Homemade Tomato-Mushroom Soup image ~ Loaded with fresh mushrooms and full of rich and delicious flavor, this warm, comforting, and tasty soup is the kind of good food that just makes you feel good all over.

"Soup is good food."

Does anyone remember where this slogan comes from?  I'm going to date myself a little bit here, because I certainly do.
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