June 29, 2015

Sparkling Limoncello Cooler

With it's refreshing combination of fresh lime juice, Limoncello, and bubbly sparkling wine, how could this Sparkling Limoncello Cooler not  be the perfect summer cocktail?

Sparkling Limoncello Cooler

I love me some bubbles.  Both the blow-them-with-some-soapy-stuff kind and the sipping kind ... the obsession with the soapy-stuff kind starting way back when I was a little kid ... and the obsession with the sipping kind not starting until much, much later in life, of course.  And popping bubble wrap?  Oh, don't even get me started ... I could entertain myself for hours with a big ol' sheet.  

In fact, I love bubbles so much I even have a Bubbles Pinterest board dedicated to all things bubbly!

So naturally ...

June 24, 2015

Low-Carb Smoked Turkey & Cucumber 'Sandwiches'

Looking for easy, low-carb lunch ideas?  These Low-Carb Smoked Turkey & Cucumber 'Sandwiches' have got you covered!

I try to eat low-carb throughout the day, limiting my carb intake to dinner only.  {Though admittedly, I haven't been doing very well with this lately ... Time to get back on track}.  With this approach, I'm always striving to come up with new low-carb lunch choices that are quick, easy, and tasty.

My new favorite?

Low-carb Smoked Turkey & Cucumber 'Sandwiches' ... that use ... I'm sure you guessed it, ...

June 21, 2015

Caramel-Walnut Bars {& Happy Father's Day to My Dad!}

Caramel-Walnut Bars are easy to make, transport well, can be made in advance and frozen, and become beloved ooey-gooey deliciousness to pretty much everyone who encounters them.  That may just make them the darn-perfect sweet treat!

Caramel-Walnut Bars

In honor of Father's Day today, I wanted to take the opportunity to talk just a little about my Dad.  And to share one of Dad's favorite sweet treats, of course ... Caramel-Walnut Bars.

Just over a year ago ... March 8th, 2014, to be exact ... our family learned just how true the above quote is.  Life truly does change ... sometimes for the good, and sometimes for the not so good ... in the ordinary  instant.

Like in the ordinary instant of walking out to get the morning paper.

June 19, 2015

Red White & Blue Italian Ice Champagne Floats {& Kid-Friendly Version}

Bring back a favorite childhood delight in a fun-&-festive grown-up treat with Red, White & Blue Italian Ice Champagne Floats!  {But don't worry ... there's a kid-friendly version for creating memories with those kiddos, too.}  

Red White & Blue Italian Ice Champagne Floats

Do you remember the ice cream trucks that used to drive through neighborhoods in summertime, selling all kinds of fabulous beloved ice cream treats?  I sure do!  Ours didn't play music like some of the ones still around today do.  No, ours rang a little bell.  And I would get so excited when I heard that bell ringing from a street away.

As soon as I heard that bell, I would beg Mom or Dad for money ... and when they obliged, I'd dash out to the end of our driveway to eagerly await the little white truck with all the wonderful treats tucked away inside.

And you know what?  I would always, always, always buy the same thing ~

June 17, 2015

Cheddar-Rosemary Beer Bread {& Does the Type of Beer Make a Difference??}

As if a loaf of fresh-baked beer bread isn't tasty enough, adding grated cheese and fresh herbs ... like in this Cheddar-Rosemary Beer Bread ... makes it even tastier!  

Cheddar-Rosemary Beer Bread

A while back, I shared step-by-step how to make beer bread ... and how completely and totally  easy it is to do.  None of that boxed mix needed.  And that a-while-back post got me to thinking ... How much does the type of beer used in one's beer bread matter?

I mean, does the type of beer really  make a difference?

June 14, 2015

Red White & Blue Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

Whip up a platter full of red, white, & blue Strawberry Cheesecake Bites for an easy 4th of July ... or any  time ... treat.

Red White & Blue Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

Summer is upon us, and the 4th of July is quickly approaching.  Which has had me thinking lately about watching the 4th of July fireworks as a kid ...and how easy  it was for our family to watch our town's fireworks celebration.  Yes, we were very fortunate and truly couldn't have had it much easier at all.  All we had to do was ...

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