9 Ridiculously Easy No-Bake Pies

March 22, 2024
Looking for a delicious yet easy dessert? Look no further than this collection of ridiculously easy no-bake pie recipes. Creamy, easy to make, and no oven involved, these tasty no-bake beauties will not disappoint.

Collage of Ridiculously Easy No-Bake Pies Image
Pies always seem to be a hit. And when that pie is creamy no-bake deliciousness? -- It just seems to make that pie even more of a crowd-pleaser.

We've got 9 ridiculously easy no-bake pie recipes for you that are sure to please at any occasion. Check them out below to see which one (or ones) is best to make for your next dessert!

What's to Love About These Recipes?

  • Easy - When we say these pies are easy, we mean it. Each takes some stirring, possibly some melting of ingredients, and at most a little whipping to come together.
  • No-Bake - No need to turn on that oven to whip up these tasty no-bake beauties! A handful require a small bit of stove-top work, but there's absolutely no baking involved here.
  • Delicious - These no-bake pies may be ridiculously easy to make, but they deliver up delicious flavor in every bite!
  • Crowd-pleasers - These creamy and delicious no-bake pies are always a hit.

Click on the link above each pie photo to get the full recipe.

Creamy, easy to make, and no oven involved, these tasty no-bake beauties will not disappoint.

Oh, that fluffy deliciousness of Hershey's Chocolate Bar Pie. -- You truly won't believe a pie this good can be this easy!

No-Bake Hershey's Chocolate Bar Pie Image

A velvety mix of peanut butter, cream cheese, and homemade whipped cream that's nothing short of mouth-wateringly delicious. With fabulous peanut butter flavor, fluffy texture, no-bake, and easy to make, there's not much more to ask for in a peanut butter pie!

Slice of Fluffy No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie Image

Creamy peanut buttery and chocolatey -- it's Snickers deliciousness that's perfect for any occasion. Oh yeh, my friends, come Halloween time you'll want to steal the kids' trick-or-treat candy for this one, for sure. 

No-Bake Snicker Bar Pie Image

Four simple ingredients come together to create one delicious no-bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie. This tasty pie is sooo delicious and easy to make!

Slice of No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie {made with Chips Ahoy!} Image

5. Ridiculously Easy Oreo Pie
What do you get when you dunk Oreos in milk and layer them with Cool Whip in a crust? -- Ridiculously Easy Oreo Pie, that's what! And oh my, this creamy deliciousness sure is good.

Slice of Ridiculously Easy Oreo Pie Image

This easy mousse pie is irresistibly creamy and delicious! It's topped with a sprinkling of mini chocolate chips and chopped nuts for the perfect little touch of crunch.

Easy Chocolate Mousse Pie Image

Frozen Coconut Caramel Pie is loaded with luxurious layers of fluffy frozen cheesecake-y filling, caramel ice cream topping, and toasted coconut and pecans. It's packed with fabulous flavor that'll keep everyone coming back for more!

Slice of Frozen Coconut Caramel Pie Image

Made with just four ingredients and very simple prep, this minty deliciousness can be made in a flash.

Slice of No-Bake Mint Chocolate Chip Pie Image

With its creamy filling and how easy it is to prepare, No-Bake Pumpkin Cream Pie will quickly become a favorite to help you celebrate all those special events (or random Tuesdays) of fall!

Slice of No-Bake Pumpkin Cream Pie Image

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