8 Favorite Ways with Banana Bread!

April 18, 2024
Looking for delicious banana bread recipes? Look no further than this collection of 8 Favorite Ways with Banana Bread! From straight-up banana, to chocolate-loaded, to fabulous flavors like hummingbird, chai, and pumpkin, these banana bread favorites are sure to please.

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Oh, beloved banana bread -- it's the ultimate way to enjoy those overripe bananas. (Though our family would say Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies sure give banana bread a good run for its money.) 

Aside from using up ripe bananas, one of the great beauties of banana bread is its versatility. Whether you love it straight-up plain banana, loaded with chocolate, or in some fabulous flavor like chai or pumpkin, banana bread gives you so many directions to go.

Well we've got 8 of our favorite banana bread recipes for you that are sure to please. Check them out below to see which one (or ones) may become your new favorite!

Click on the link above each banana bread photo to get the full recipe.

From straight-up banana, to chocolate-loaded, to fabulous flavors like hummingbird, chai, and pumpkin, these banana bread favorites are sure to please.

Loaded with rich banana flavor, Buttermilk Banana Bread is our family's go-to banana bread recipe. With buttermilk in the batter, this banana bread bakes up tender and moist, while a hint of ground cinnamon and nutmeg beautifully compliment the banana's sweetness. It's a family favorite, for sure!

Slices of Buttermilk Banana Bread Image

You can make banana bread with cake mix? - Yes, you sure can! Using packaged yellow cake mix as its base, Cake Mix Banana Bread is incredibly easy to make. Simply dump the ingredients in a bowl, mix, pour into a pan, and bake. -- That's truly all it takes to bake up a tender and tasty loaf.

Stacked Slices of Cake Mix Banana Bread Image

Hummingbird Banana Bread combines the classic pineapple, banana, and pecan combination of Hummingbird Cake to create one fabulously flavorful variation of everyone's beloved quick bread. And oh, what a tasty combination it is.

Hummingbird Banana Bread Slices Image

Chocolate makes everything better! -- And that's especially true with banana bread. The simple addition of chocolate chips to banana bread makes for one super tasty chocolate-studded loaf, and is our family's absolute favorite banana bread treat.

Slices of Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Image

Want even more chocolate in your banana bread than just chocolate chips? Then make the entire loaf chocolate! Simply loaded with chocolate flavor from both cocoa and chocolate chips, this is one loaf of banana bread that will absolutely disappear in a flash.

Sliced Loaf of Chocolate Banana Bread Image

Another great way to enjoy chocolate in your banana bread is to go the two-tone marbled route. With its delightful chocolate swirl throughout, Chocolate Marble Banana Bread is not only delicious, it's beautiful too! It's definitely a fun and flavorful take on the classic.

Stack of Slices of Chocolate Marble Banana Bread Image

With a mix of signature chai spices like ground cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves, Chai Spice Banana Bread is packed with fabulous flavor. A chai-spiced glaze beautifully finishes off this tender and tasty loaf.

Stacked Slices of Chai Spice Banana Bread Image

Bring banana bread into the fabulous flavors of fall with Pumpkin Banana Bread! It combines two great quick bread flavors together in one delicious loaf. And when topped with honey glaze, the flavor just can't be beat.

Loaf of Pumpkin Banana Bread Image

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