10 All-Time Favorite Macaroni Salad Recipes

August 30, 2022
With tender pasta slathered in dressing and loaded with tasty mix-ins, macaroni salad is one of the ultimate comfort foods around! Check out this collection of 10 all-time favorite macaroni salad recipes for flavorful and fun versions of this classic comfort food dish.

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With its combination of tender pasta, tasty mix-ins, and flavorful dressing, macaroni salad is one of those foods that just seems to be adored by all. As a favorite for cookouts, picnics, potlucks, and so many everyday meals, everyone should have at least one go-to macaroni salad recipe, for sure.

Check out this collection of 10 all-time favorite macaroni salads for some very flavorful versions of this classic dish. We hope you find inspiration for your new go-to macaroni salad recipe! -- Or, perhaps all 10 will become your new personal favorites.

Click on the hyperlinked title of each dish to get the recipe.  Enjoy!

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad is about the simplest, most basic macaroni salad around.  Yet despite its simplicity, it's packed with fabulous flavor. Made with just a handful of basic pantry staples, authentic Hawaiian Macaroni Salad takes hardly any time to prep, is loaded with flavor, and is always a crowd-pleasing hit!

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Made with chopped pickles, pickle juice, and dill, Pickle Macaroni Salad is a pickle lover's dream. Loaded with fabulous pickle flavor, it's a perfect side dish for most any meal -- especially with those grilled burgers and dogs.

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Classic Amish Macaroni Salad is an old-timey favorite.  And it's a classic favorite for a reason ~ because it's just plain good.  With its characteristicly sweet creamy dressing, this macaroni salad is simply perfect for potlucks, backyard barbecues, and pretty much any everyday meal!

Bowl of Amish Macaroni Salad Image

Looking for a super simple, super tasty macaroni salad that everyone adores? Give Ham & Cheese Macaroni Salad a try! Made with just a few basic ingredients, this simple macaroni salad is easy to pull together and loaded with flavor, too. Not to mention, it's a great dish for enjoying that leftover ham.

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Love that classic loaded baked potato combination of sour cream, chives, cheese, and bacon? Enjoy it in a new delicious way in this Loaded Baked Potato Macaroni Salad! -- It's so tasty that way.

Bowl of Loaded Baked Potato Macaroni Salad Image

Bring back the retro days of Kentucky Fried Chicken with this copycat KFC Macaroni Salad. Long ago removed from the KFC menu, you can easily make and enjoy this signature side at home. -- And believe me, it tastes every bit as good as the original.

Serving Spoon of Copycat KFC Macaroni Salad Image

While pineapple and shrimp may sound like a bizarre duo for macaroni salad, it sure is a tasty combination! In fact, Pineapple Shrimp Macaroni Salad is so good it'll certainly keep everyone coming back for more.

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Loaded with Greek-inspired mix-ins like fresh tomatoes, Kalamata olives, and Feta cheese, Greek Macaroni Salad is chock full of fabulous flavor. With its olive oil and fresh lemon juice based dressing, it's a wonderfully delicious no-mayonnaise macaroni salad version.

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Chock full of antipasto favorites, this no-mayo Antipasto Pasta Salad is one eye-catching, crowd-pleasing side! Replace rotini corkscrew pasta with jumbo elbows to make it a true "macaroni" salad.

Bowl of Antipasto Pasta Salad Image

Looking for an easy no-mayonnaise pasta salad to enjoy? Give Ma's Picnic Pasta Salad a try! It's loaded with chopped veggies, packed with flavor, and especially perfect for all those summer cookouts and picnics. Though we certainly enjoy this tasty dish all year round.

Serving Spoon of Picnic Pasta Salad Image

10 All-Time Favorite Macaroni Salad Recipes! ~ Check out this collection of 10 all-time favorite macaroni salad recipes for flavorful & fun versions of this classic comfort food dish. Perhaps all 10 will become your new personal favorites!  www.thekitchenismyplayground.com


  1. FINALLY, A REAL HONEST-TO-GOODNESS German Potato Salad with dill pickles, bacon, and NO MAYO. Thank you soooooo much! I've searched for this for DAYS!


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