Cucumbers in Sour Cream

August 23, 2017
Cucumbers in Sour Cream ~ Two very  simple ingredients plus just the time to slice some cucumbers and give them a little stir in a bowl is all it takes to make this dish.  You truly couldn't ask for a simpler summer side.

Cucumbers in Sour Cream ~ Two very  simple ingredients plus just the time to slice some cucumbers and give them a little stir in a bowl is all it takes to make this dish.  You truly couldn't ask for a simpler summer side.

Who's still got cucumbers coming from their garden?  I absolutely adore those little garden-fresh, tender-skinned cucumbers ... so much better than the big, wax-covered ones we typically get in the grocery store.  Don't you think?  While I certainly enjoy "big" grocery store cucumbers, they just don't hold a candle to the smaller, home-grown garden variety.

And there are so many simple ways to enjoy those little garden-fresh tender-skinned cucumbers, too ...

My favorite probably being with just a tiny sprinkling of salt.  I can remember my Mom cutting fresh cucumbers into sticks and sprinkling them just ever-so-slightly with salt, and serving them up as a tasty snack or summer side dish.  Delicious.  I could just never get enough.

Fresh cucumbers are also fabulous sliced and soaked for just a few minutes in a little dose of vinegar.  Or, marinated for several days in the refrigerator to make Fresh Cucumber Pickles.  Or as a simple little cucumber and onion salad.  But if you want to get just a tad bit fancier?  Try cucumbers in a wonderful Creamy Cucumber Salad with fresh herbs or tasty Cucumber, Tomato & Avocado Salad dressed with a fun citrus and honey vinaigrette.

But of all the simple ways to enjoy cucumbers, do you want to know one I had never heard of until just a few years ago?

Cucumbers in Sour Cream image

Cucumbers in sour cream!

And let me just tell you, this is truly one of the simplest recipes around.

I was introduced to Cucumbers in Sour Cream by my then future mother-in-law just a bit after I had met my husband.  My mother-in-law has always tended and grown a fairly large garden, that provides her a huge summer harvest of just about everything you can imagine.  And with an entire long row of cucumbers, there seemed to be a never-ending summer crop to enjoy.  She'd just go grab a few to enjoy with dinner {or lunch} just about any time she wanted.

One day early on in my husband's and my dating, we were visiting my mother-in-law for the weekend when she decided to whip up a quick bowl of Cucumbers in Sour Cream to go with dinner.

Well, I had never heard of such a thing ... which is quite simply, just thinly sliced cucumbers with a touch of salt and pepper slathered in a big dose of sour cream.  To quote my mother-in-law, "You use right much sour cream."

And quite frankly, I was quite skeptical.  I truly didn't think sour cream and cucumbers would compliment one another very well.

But of course, when you're eating at your soon-to-be mother-in-law's, you dutifully eat at least a little bit of everything  on the dinner table.

Cucumbers in Sour Cream photo

Much to my surprise, cucumbers and sour cream do  compliment one another!  In fact they're quite tasty together, and are a wonderful way to enjoy that summer cucumber harvest.  Light, crunchy, creamy, and just slightly salty.

You couldn't ask for an easier summer side.  Two very  simple ingredients plus just the time to slice some cucumbers and give them a little stir in a bowl is all it takes to make this dish.  And it truly doesn't get any simpler than that.

Cucumbers in Sour Cream are a simple way to enjoy those garden cucumbers.

Cucumbers in Sour Cream
(Printable recipe)
  • 4 small pickling cucumbers {about 3 c. sliced}
  • 1/2 c. sour cream
  • 1/8 to ¼ tsp. salt
  • 1/8 tsp. pepper
  1. Peel cucumbers and slice into thin circles.
  2. In a medium-sized bowl, combine sour cream, salt, and pepper; stir until well mixed. Add cucumbers and toss until cucumbers are well coated.
  3. Serve immediately {cucumbers will begin to get watery fairly quickly if allowed to sit}.

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  1. My sweet grandma used to make these and so did my mom while I was stil at home. Yum yum. I had forgotten them til I read this. Thank you so much.

  2. I add sliced onion (sweet onion if on hand)cut into halves to the cucumber and sour cream. Delicious

  3. This sounds delicious! I found this at the Inspire Me Monday, I'm #143, hope you will stop by and check out my peanut butter pie recipe. Have a great day.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful post with us at Full Plate Thursday this week. Please keep our great state of Texas in your thoughts and prayers as we are struggling with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Hope you have a good week.
    Miz Helen

  5. This time of year, I can't have too many cucumber recipes! So many cucumbers!

  6. Perfect to go with grilled meats this holiday weekend!

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