15 Cookies for Christmas with 6 Ingredients or Less!

December 3, 2022
Cookies don't have to be complicated with a long list of ingredients to be good. In fact, there are lots of delicious options for Christmas Cookies with 6 ingredients or less. Check out this collection of 15 Christmas cookie treats that require from only 2 to 6 ingredients. --  These tasty low-ingredient choices won't have you filling an entire grocery cart to make!

Collage of Christmas Cookies with 6 Ingredients or Less Image

Can you make great Christmas cookies with 6 ingredients or less? You sure can! --  Just look to these 15 delicious cookie choices, each requiring from only 2 to 6 ingredients to make, as proof.

Cookies certainly don't have to be complicated with a long list of ingredients to be good. In fact, sometimes simple treats are the best. So if you don't want to fill up a whole grocery cart to get the stuff for your Christmas cookie baking, give some of these simple ideas a try.

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Cookies don't have to be complicated with a long list of ingredients to be good.

Christmas Cookies with Just 2 Ingredients:

Taking advantage of prepared puff pastry, whip up a batch of these classic French cookies in a flash -- with just 2 ingredients. Serve with coffee at Christmas breakfast, or as a tasty addition to your Christmas cookie tray. Any way you enjoy them, they're one positively addictive sweet treat!

2-Ingredient Palmiers Image

Christmas Cookies with Just 4 Ingredients:

Looking for a fun and easy Christmas cookie treat with just 4 ingredients to make for your holiday festivities? Give Christmas White Chocolate-Dipped Sugar Wafers a try!  They're an easy, adorable, kid-friendly, crowd-pleasing festive treat that can even be made last minute if need be.

With the addition of a large heart sprinkle as one more ingredient, whip up a totally adorable Grinch Sugar Wafers version.

Christmas White Chocolate-Dipped Sugar Wafers Image

Grinch White Chocolate Sugar Wafers Image

Create a super-easy version of everyone's favorite sugar cookies for Christmas using cake mix as the base. Cake Mix Sugar Cookies bake up soft and chewy, have beautifully crackled tops, and take just 4 simple ingredients to make. And as for the taste? -- Oh, they're totally tasty, too.

Cake Mix Sugar Cookies Image

Super easy, super delicious 4-ingredient Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Ritz Cookies are a Christmas time staple. But with their creamy peanut butter cracker sandwich covered in rich delicious chocolate, we think they should be enjoyed all year round!

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Ritz Cookies Image

Want classic Christmas cookies that are rich, delicious, and super easy to make -- all with just 4 simple ingredients you're sure to have on hand?  Give Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies a try.  While these cookies have the bonus of being gluten-free for those who need it, they deliver up full-bodied peanut butter flavor all peanut butter fans will love.

4-Ingredient Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies Image

Christmas Cookies with Just 5 Ingredients:

Slather Ritz cracker sandwiches with an easy peppermint filling, dunk them in chocolate, and top with a little sprinkle of crushed candy canes to make these tasty Chocolate Covered Peppermint Ritz Cookies. These fun and festive little treats are just perfect for Christmas day cookie trayscookie exchanges, gifting from the kitchen, and anytime holiday nibbling.

Chocolate Covered Peppermint Ritz Cookies Image

When it comes to coconut Christmas sweet treats, classic Coconut Macaroons are a coconut lover's dream! Made with just 5 simple ingredients, coconut shines as the one true star of these coconut-y little bites.

Coconut Macaroons Image

8. Classic Oreo Balls
Chocolaty soft Oreo centers, dipped in chocolate, and beautifully decorated with white chocolate drizzle -- What's not to love about these classic little treats? And they're a Christmas classic for a reason -- because they're just plain good.

Plate of Classic Oreo Balls with One Cut in Half to Show Inside Image

Loaded with pecans and chocolate chips, then slathered with cracker candy's signature boiled butter-sugar mixture ~ Graham Cracker Pralines are a quick and easy totally delicious, totally addictive Christmas treat -- that takes just 5 ingredients to make.

Graham Cracker Pralines Image

Taking advantage of boxed cake mix as their base, Chocolate Crinkle Cake Mix Cookies are super easy to make. -- Hardly any measuring, just 5 basic ingredients, and amazingly quick to mix up.

You can also make Brownie Mix Chocolate Crinkle Cookies using brownie mix as the base instead of chocolate cake mix. Or, with a total of 7 ingredients instead of 5, whip up Lemon Crinkle Cake Mix Cookies using a box of lemon cake mix.

Chocolate Crinkle Cake Mix Cookies Image

Christmas Cookies with Just 6 Ingredients:

With their slightly-sweetened shortbread-type dough rolled in a coating of confectioners' sugar, who doesn't just adore classic Snowball Cookies? Also known as Russian Tea Cakes or Mexican Wedding Cookies, these tasty little bites are a total classic for the holidays! Enjoy the classic version made with just 6 ingredients, bump up to 8 ingredients for super delicious Red Velvet Snowball Cookies, or to 9 ingredients for festive and flavorful Peppermint Snowball Cookies.

Classic Snowball Cookies Image

Whip up a batch of rich-flavored tender-yet-sturdy rolled cookies that are just perfect for decorating -- all with just 6 ingredients. A touch of cream cheese makes the dough easier to roll out and keeps it workable. When it comes to rolled cut-out cookies for Christmas decorating, these are our family's favorite, by far.

Christmas Tree Shaped Basic Rolled Butter Cookies on Cooling Rack Image

Chocolate and cherry lovers, you'll flip for these Cherry Oreo Balls! A mash-up of chocolate covered cherries and classic Oreo Balls, these maraschino cherry-stuffed beauties are one super tasty sweet treat. -- Just perfect for Christmas cookie trays, gifting, or any time that chocolate-cherry craving hits.

Cherry Oreo Balls Image

Did you know you can make iconic Peanut Butter Blossom cookies with a cake mix? That's right! Just grab a box of yellow cake mix, add peanut butter, butter, and an egg, and you're on your way to baking up a batch of tasty Cake Mix Peanut Butter Blossoms for Christmas. -- Quick, easy, and hardly any measuring involved.

Cake Mix Peanut Butter Blossoms Image

Combine a boxed cake mix with a few simple ingredients, roll in cinnamon sugar, and you're good to go with baking up a delicious batch of super easy cinnamon-y Snickerdoodles. Just grab a cup of coffee or glass of milk (or holiday eggnog!) to go with them, and enjoy.

Cake Mix Snickerdoodles Image


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