Honey Chicken Nuggets

July 7, 2012
Marinating in honey is the secret for these tasty Honey Chicken Nuggets.  Honey makes the chicken soooo tender and flavorful!

It's Crazy Cooking Challenge time!  This month's challenge was FRIED CHICKEN.  To be honest, this month's challenge truly was a challenge for me ... 'cause I'm not a fry-er.  Nope.  I prefer to bake my chicken, and leave my frying to KFC!

But the point of The Challenge is to step outside our comfort zone and try new things, right?  So, a-steppin' I went.

I gave several fried chicken nugget recipes a try, and fell in love with these  Honey Chicken Nuggets from Yummy Inspirations.  Of course, being a beekeeper, I was instantly intrigued that the nuggets were marinated in honey.  I'm always on the lookout for new recipes using honey.

And the honey in these chicken nuggets far exceeded my expectations!  First, it made the chicken so super tender.  Usually I use the ol' southern trick of marinating my chicken in buttermilk, which makes it wonderfully moist and tender.  Well, I now know that honey does the same thing!  And second, the honey gives a delicious sweetness to the flavor of the nuggets.  Mmm, mmmm, good.  I didn't expect the honey flavor to come through so much in the finished nuggets.

I actually liked the nuggets best dipping sauce-less.  But you can also serve 'em up with a quick-and-easy honey mustard dipping sauce on the side.  All I do for my honey mustard is mix together a little spicy brown mustard and pure honey, using a little more honey than mustard.  It's so good!  And so easy.

So, if you're looking for a really tender and wonderfully flavorful chicken nugget, give these little 'honeys' a try!  (I know, I know ... bad pun ... I just couldn't help myself.)

Pan-Fried Honey Chicken Nuggets
Source:  Adapted from Yummy Inspirations
(Printable recipe)
1/2 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breast
2 T. honey
1 egg, beaten
1/2 c. all-purpose flour
1/2 c. panko bread crumbs
Pinch of salt
Oil for frying

Marinate the chicken:
1.  Cut the chicken into 'nugget-sized' pieces.  

2.  Place chicken pieces in a shallow bowl drizzle with honey; stir to coat.  Place chicken in the refrigerator to marinate in the honey for at least one hour.

Prepare the breading process:
3.  Place beaten egg in a bowl.  Combine flour, panko, and salt in a pie plate or ziptop baggie (I like the baggie method, but either way works just fine!).

Bread the chicken:
4.  Remove a piece chicken from the honey marinade and dip it in the egg.
If using a pie plate for your flour mixture - Roll the egg-dipped chicken nugget in the flour mixture, coating completely; set aside.  Repeat with remaining chicken pieces.

If using the ziptop baggie method - Drop the egg-dipped chicken nugget into the baggie.  Repeat with remaining chicken pieces.  Once all chicken pieces are in the baggie, seal the baggie.  Gently shake the baggie, ensuring that all chicken pieces get completely coated.

Fry the chicken:
5.  Heat a little oil in a large frying pan over medium-high heat.  When oil is hot, place the nuggets in the pan and cook until golden on both side and cooked through, approximately 3 to 4 minutes per side.



  1. I love the idea of marinating in honey. So unique!

    1. The honey tenderizes wonderfully, and imparts a great tiny-bit-sweet flavor. I was amazed, because I usually use buttermilk for marinating my chicken.

  2. I love the honey flavor and panko always makes for such a wonderful crust.

    If you haven't already, I'd love for you to check out my CCC entry Copycat "KFC" Original Recipe Fried Chicken

    Cook Lisa Cook

    1. Agreed on the panko, Lisa ... it gives such a wonderful texture.

  3. I bet my boys would love these! Pinned 'em!

  4. Oh man! This is definitely getting added to my "to make" list.

    Check out my entry: http://lawstudentscookbook.wordpress.com/2012/07/07/cheesy-chicken-parmesan-3/

  5. My family would adore these! Love the dipping sauce!


  6. Those look great and sound so tasty! Nice choice!

  7. I've never thought to marinate chicken in honey ~ I bet it was delicious!! I think we would love this!

    Have a great weekend!


    1. I'd always used buttermilk until I tried this recipe ... so glad I gave honey a try! It is indeed delicious.

  8. I would never have thought to marinate in honey. Wow what a great idea.

  9. First time here! You're a bee keeper? I bet these were just delicious with fresh, local honey. Never heard of marinating in honey either, so I'm def trying these someday. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I sure am a beekeeper ... well, ASSISTANT beekeeper ... my husband is the head beekeeper. We have 2 hives, and are expanding to 4 next spring. We love harvesting our own honey supply!

  10. I never thought of marinating anything in honey! That is enough to make me want to try this recipe. We usually eat lighter on the weekends and this recipe would fit the bill. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Replies
    1. Well, thank you! They WERE tasty ... every last one of them.

  12. OMG my daughter would love these, and I think I'd find myself snacking on a few too!! I'm so glad I took part in this CCC!!!

  13. Yummy! Thanks ever so much for stopping by my blog and your kind comments.
    Granny CCC #18. Enjoying making my rounds.

  14. Your nuggets look so perfect! These wouldn't last very long in our house.


  15. These chicken nuggets look delicious! I love to dip my chicken nuggets in honey, so I will have to try this recipe. Stopping by from CCC#45.

  16. These look yummy and I love chicken nuggets. Honey must make them delicious.

  17. This recipe looks just so sweetly yummy! I didn't know that you are a bee keeper! That is my dream! I think the only thing that holds me back is the idea of covering up in the hot and steamy summers here in Pa!
    Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of keeping bees!!!!!
    Thank you so much for joining ON THE MENU MONDAY with this delicious recipe!

    1. My husband does the covering up!! I'm the official ASSISTANT beekeeper! :-) We love generating our own honey supply ... we've got 2 hives with plans to expand to 4 next spring. Take the plunge, Yvonne!

  18. These sound so yummy! Stopping by from the CCC!

  19. This looks delicious! Great SRC pick!

    I'm #10 :)

  20. Fantastic chicken dish.

    I found you on Stone Gable's On the Menu Monday. I have linked in bacon and scrambled egg rolls. Have a nice week.

  21. chicken and honey seems a deadly combination - love it.
    stopping by from ccc #48

  22. Sounds so delicious! The mustard sauce sounds wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog - Patty #16.

  23. Love the idea of using honey for the nuggets! I never would have thought of that...thanks for sharing!

  24. I must give this recipe to my friend who is a beekeper, bet she would love this. Her PhD was bees, pollens and nectar. Do check out my Nagoya style fried chicken.

  25. Yum! These look great! Would love for you to link up at my Pin It Thursday party! http://www.sweetbellaroos.com/2012/07/12/pin-it-thursday2/

  26. These look great! I'm pinning for my kids, they will love these. Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Potluck! Have a terrific weekend!

  27. Thanks for linking up, I featured you today!


  28. Great recipe, we just love Fried Chicken! Hope you are having a fantastic week and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen


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