Santa's Hat Shirley Temple

December 6, 2017
Let the kids in on the Christmas drink fun with this festive Santa's Hat Shirley Temple!  With it's bright red color and coconut rim, it'll be the hit of the holiday season with the little ones.

Santa's Hat Shirley Temple image ~ Let the kids in on the Christmas drink fun with this festive Santa's Hat Shirley Temple!  With it's bright red color and coconut rim, it'll be the hit of the holiday season with the little ones.

I think one of the most fun parts of my job as a food blogger is my occasional "cocktail day."

That's when I periodically set aside one afternoon of photo shoot time to take photos solely of cocktails I've been testing and developing.  Since there's no baking or cooking time with cocktails, I can usually photo shoot 3 or 4 in an afternoon {I can typically only do 1 or 2 photo shoots in an afternoon of other types of foods}.

Let the kids in on the Christmas drink fun with this festive Santa's Hat Shirley Temple!

So you know what that means, right, if I photo shoot 3 or 4 cocktails?  It means I also get to drink 3 or 4 cocktails, too!

Although now that I'm a mom, I'm not able to drink them right away once the photo shoots are done if it's a weekday ... I stick them in the fridge to enjoy after I've picked up our daughter from after-school care.  But that's okay ~ the hubby and I still get to enjoy them that evening!

Well the other day when I was working on the photo shoot for this Santa's Hat Christmas Cocktail and a few other holiday libations ...

... and was looking forward to enjoying a special drink with dinner, a motherly thought struck me.

What special drink was our sweet 7-year-old Little Miss H. going to enjoy with her  dinner?

I mean, wasn't she going to feel left out when both her daddy and I had special Christmas drinks to enjoy, and she didn't?

With it's bright red color and coconut rim, it'll be the hit of the holiday season with the little ones.

And that's when motherly inspiration struck ~ I could do the same type of coconut rim with a Shirley Temple and make Little Miss H. a Santa's Hat Shirley Temple Christmas mocktail!

So I grabbed a pretty glass ... not a martini glass for her, because a martini glass just didn't feel right for a 7-year-old ... and made a coconut rim to represent the fuzzy trim on Santa's hat.

Santa's Hat Shirley Temple with Coconut Rim image

And then I mixed up a classic Shirley Temple to pour inside.

The one change I had to make was to add a little more grenadine than a Shirley Temple usually has so the drink would be more red in color, instead of pinkish.  I wanted vibrant red for representing Santa's hat and the Christmas season.

Then I topped it off with a candy cane garnish and voila! ~ Little Miss H.'s Santa's Hat Shirley Temple was born.

Santa's Hat Christmas Shirley Temple image

I'm happy to say, Little Miss H. was thrilled with it, too.  

She took one look when I handed it too her and said with a big beaming grin on her face, "Ooooooo, fannnncccy!"  And after one sip, "Mmmmm, that's gooooooood."

I'll take that as a mom win, for sure.  

So this holiday season, whip up a few Santa's Hat Shirley Temples to let the kids in on the Christmas drink fun.  

With it's festive bright red color and coconut rim, it'll be the hit of the holiday season with the little ones ... just like it was with our sweet Little Miss H.

Santa's Hat Christmas Shirley Temple photo
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Santa’s Hat Shirley Temple
(Print recipe)
For each drink: 
Glass rim(s):
  1. PREPARE GLASS RIM(S): Place coconut on a small plate and confectioners sugar on a separate small plate. Add water to the sugar and mix with a fork until well combined with no lumps. Dip the rim of a glass in the sugar mixture, ensuring that the entire rim gets well coated. Immediately dip sugared rim in coconut. Repeat with remaining glasses if making more than one drink.
  2. PREPARE DRINK: Fill the prepared glass with desired amount of ice. Add grenadine; fill the remainder of the glass with 1/2 gingerale and 1/2 lemon-lime soda.
  3. Garnish with 2-3 maraschino cherries and a candy cane.


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  1. Your Shirley Temple looks so festive! Hope you have a great week and thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday.
    Miz Helen

  2. This is such a fun idea and I love the coconut rim!

  3. Thank you for sharing last week on the Whisk It Wednesday Link Party. Tomorrow when the new party starts this link will be featured! I hope to see you at the party! Have a wonderful week ~ Carrie @ Carrie's Home Cooking

  4. That is adorable!! How perfect for parties. :) Pinning to try soon.

  5. Congratulations!
    Your post is featured on Full Plate Thursday this week. Enjoy your new Red Plate and thanks so much for sharing with us.
    Miz Helen

  6. Hey, Tracey! Just wanted to let you know that we loved your Santa's Hat Shirley Temple so much when you shared it at the #HomeMattersParty last week, we’ve FEATURED it THIS WEEK! Hope you can check it out when you get a sec. Happy Friday!!!
    Life With Lorelai / Home Matters Linky Party

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