Sparkling Raspberry-Limoncello Cocktail

June 11, 2015
Cool, crisp, and light Sparkling Raspberry-Limoncello Cocktail is perfectly refreshing for those hot summer days.  Not to mention, it's stunningly beautiful, too!

Sparkling Raspberry-Limoncello Cocktail

It seems I've been on a bit of a cocktail kick lately.  In the last few weeks, I've shared a Champagne Cobbler Cocktail, Moscato Bee's Knees Wines Cocktail, and Refreshing Cucumber Gin & Tonic.  But then, I never tire of great cocktails ... and I would bet you don't, either.

I truly have so much fun creating and trying different cocktails, sometimes I think ...
I should be writing a cocktail blog!  I would totally do a second blog focused on cocktails if it wasn't for the fact that I know there's no way in all-holy-heck I could effectively devote the time and energy needed to run two blogs.  {It makes me tired just thinking about it!}

So hopefully you don't mind me sharing a fairly-frequent cocktail with you here on The Kitchen is My Playground ... like this Sparkling Raspberry-Limoncello cocktail.  If you do  mind, just humor me and pretend you don't.  Deal?

Now, let's talk a little about this Sparkling Raspberry-Limoncello cocktail ...

Sparkling Raspberry-Limoncello Cocktail

First off, the flavor combination of lemon from the Limoncello, mint, and raspberry is so cool and crisp.  The-bit-of-bubbles from the sparkling wine adds a fun lightness that makes this Sparkling Raspberry-Limoncello cocktail completely refreshing ~  just perfect for enjoying on the porch or patio on hot summer days.

But hey, trust me when I say I certainly wouldn't turn it down in other seasons, as well.

And second, this cocktail is simply stunningly gorgeous.  Don't you think?

Sparkling Raspberry-Limoncello Cocktail

I love the way the vibrant red of the raspberries stand out floating against the pale yellow of the Limoncello-sparkling wine mixture ... and then the pops of green mint just add their own little flair to the beautifulness.

So while not all the cocktails I share will be as strikingly pretty as this Sparkling Raspberry-Limoncello cocktail, they will  all be tasty.  Promise.

Stay cool as we head into the summer months, everyone.  And happy summer sipping!

 Sparkling Raspberry-Limoncello Cocktail

Sparkling Raspberry-Limoncello Cocktail
(Printable recipe)
For one cocktail:
  • 1 oz. chilled Limoncello
  • 3 oz. chilled sparkling wine, such as Champagne or Prosecco
  • 1 large mint leaf
  • 3 to 5 fresh raspberries
  1. Freeze raspberries for about 15 minutes.
  2. Lightly muddle mint leaf in a champagne glass. Add chilled Limoncello and sparkling wine; stir gently to combine. Drop in raspberries.
- For a slightly sweeter cocktail, use sparkling Moscato instead of champagne or Prosecco, or stir in a pinch of sugar.
- To make a larger batch in a pitcher, use 3 cups sparkling wine, 1 cup Limoncello, about 1 cup raspberries, and 6 large mint leaves.


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  1. Oh my. This looks awesome!! I haven't had any limoncello in forever but adding the raspberries sounds delicious!! So many raspberry recipes I've seen lately. Yumm!! Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Annnd, now I want one immediately. Yum!!!

    1. Fortunately, they're quick to whip up! So cool & refreshing for these summer days.

  3. This looks lovely and full of summer flavours :)

  4. I created this cocktail several years ago and it remains one of our favorite summer libations. The frozen raspberry ice cubes are frivolous and fun; perfect for summer!

  5. With this heat I could use a drink of those


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