Sparkling Limoncello Cooler

June 29, 2015
With it's refreshing combination of fresh lime juice, Limoncello, and bubbly sparkling wine, how could this Sparkling Limoncello Cooler not  be the perfect spring and summer cocktail?

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I love me some bubbles.

Both the blow-them-with-some-soapy-stuff kind and the sipping kind.  The obsession with the soapy-stuff kind started way back when I was a little kid ... while the obsession with the sipping kind started much, much later in life, of course.

And popping bubble wrap?  Oh, don't even get me started!  I could entertain myself for hours with a big old sheet of bubble wrap.  {And I know I'm not the only one on that!} 

In fact, I love bubbles so much I even have a Bubbles Pinterest board dedicated to all things bubbly!

So naturally, sparkling cocktails are pretty high on my list of drinks of choice.  And with its refreshing lemon-lime goodness, this Sparkling Limoncello Cooler is one of my new go-to's.  Especially for spring and summer sipping.

Think of this cocktail as kind of like sipping on a wonderfully delicious grown-up version of lemon-lime Sprite soda.  Complete with the fun fizzy bubbles.

Sparkling Limoncello Coolers are a zippy combination of fresh lime juice and Limoncello lemon liqueur, topped off with sparkling wine. 

How to Make Sparkling Limoncello Cooler Cocktails Image

With that refreshing combination, think of this cocktail as kind of like sipping on a wonderfully delicious grown-up version of lemon-lime Sprite soda.  Complete with the fun fizzy bubbles, thanks to the cocktail's sparkling wine.

And an added bonus? Sparkling Limoncello Coolers are super easy to make, taking all of about 30 seconds from start to finish.  In the time it takes to squeeze half a lime and pop a champagne bottle cork, this tasty cocktail's done.

With it's refreshing combination of fresh lime juice, Limoncello, and bubbly sparkling wine, how could this cooler not  be the perfect spring and summer cocktail?

Since these are very light, I especially enjoy sipping on one on a hot summer night.  But Limoncello Coolers are perfect for spring, too.  They would pair beautifully with Easter brunch, a bridal shower, or just plain everyday sipping.

So grab some champagne flutes, top a glass or two ... or three {I won't judge} ... off with a little lemon and lime zest for garnish ...

Sparkling Limoncello Cooler Garnished with Lemon and Lime Zest Image

... and you've got one perfectly refreshing spring and summer sipper.  Complete with fun-and-fizzy grown-up bubbles.  

Now just grab a bottle of bubble soap and a big old sheet of bubble wrap to pop to go along with your Sparkling Limoncello Cooler, and it will be a perfectly bubbly day!

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Sparkling Limoncello Cooler
(Printable recipe)
  • 1/2 oz. fresh lime juice {about 1/2 of a lime}
  • 1 oz. Limoncello, chilled
  • 4 oz. sparkling wine, such as Champagne, Prosecco, or sparkling Moscato, chilled
  1. Place lime juice and Limoncello in a champagne flute. Top off with sparkling wine. Stir gently to combine.
  2. Garnish with a lemon or lime slice, or with lemon and lime zest if desired.

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  1. Sorry dear, I read today that they are coming out with a bubble wrap that won't pop....the fun is over :( But we can still drink the bubbly!

  2. Everyone of the drinks looks and sounds so delicious! My son served us limoncello drinks at a restaurant where he was the chef. He never did tell me how it was made, but it was so refreshing and absolutely delish!

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