Your Top 13 of 2013 {Most-Viewed Recipes of the Year!}

December 29, 2013

This is my favorite post to write each year!  I love to look back through the year's posts and see what your favorites have been.  I generally have a pretty good idea of what's popular with you from seeing the 'views' statistics each day, but when I go back through the entire year, there are always a few surprises for me!  One thing that's really surprised me for this year is there are a lot more savory recipes in your top picks than in previous years.  The top posts are usually about 95% sweets!

For the sweets you did put in the top 13 with your views, it's clear you sure love your no-bake treats!  Over half of the sweets to make the most-viewed list are no-bake ... And oh, are they yummy ones!

And so ... without further ado ... here are your The Kitchen is My Playground top 13 picks of 2013.  Enjoy!

13.  Strawberry-Coconut Punch Bowl Cake - Your 13th pick of the year is one of my hubby's top picks of the year!  He absolutely loves, loves, loves this classic Southern treat.  In fact, he's come up with several other flavor combinations for me to create.  {I just need to find the time to create them!}

12.  Scrumptious Strawberry Cobbler - I have to agree with you on this easy strawberry cobbler ... it's one of my favorites of the year, too.  Especially when I can get my hands on fresh-from-the-field local strawberries to make it with.  So yummy.

11.  Antipasto Pasta Salad - This salad isn't just delicious, it's pretty, too!  We just love all the bright colors.  {And apparently you all do, too.}

10.  Onion Souffle Dip - Oh, this dip is always, always, always the hit of the party!

9.  Chocolate Valentine Kiss Cookies - These Valentine Kiss cookies were so fun to make!  I used the dough from my Insanely Delicious Turtle Cookies {The Kitchen is My Playground's most-viewed post of all time} as the base, and then went to town with all kinds of fun sprinkles.  Not only were these cookies a blast to create, this was also the first photo I ever took with the special 50mm camera lens my sweet hubby got me for Christmas last year.  I love this photo!

8.  Nutella No-Bake Cookies - Nutella.  No-bake.  Cookies.  Ummmmm, I don't think you can go wrong with any of those words.

7.  Green Bean-Walnut-Feta Salad - I absolutely adore this salad.  And with it's slightly-adventurous flavor combination, I truly thought readers would not adore it.  Turns out I was wrong!

6.  Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Peppers - Readers liked these fabulous stuffed peppers as much as we did!  These were also one of my hubby's top picks of the year.  I think he could eat these every night.

5.  No-Bake Mint Chocolate Chip Pie - This no-bake pie is one of my favorite picks of the year.  I love how easy it is.  And how tasty.

4.  Tamale Pie Casserole - A classic from my years growing up.  My Mom used to make this all the time, and I loved it.  I revamped it a bit, shared it with you, and you loved it too!

3.  No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie - Made with Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies, this scrumptious pie is a cinch.  And oh my, it's yummy!

2.  No-Bake Hersheys Chocolate Bar Pie - And another no-bake treat!  And this is another no-bake one that will not disappoint.  So easy, and so good.

1.  3-Ingredient Crescent Sausage Bites - And here it is, your top favorite of 2013!  I have to admit I was very surprised when I posted these Crescent Sausage Bites and they immediately went wild.  'Cause I almost didn't even post them!  They're one of those things we just throw together all the time ... and I just kinda quickly snapped a few photos of them one day.  Turns out, we're not the only ones who love them!

Happy New Year to you!
Thank you so much for being a reader of The Kitchen is My Playground!  It's been a fabulous year here on the site, thanks to you.  And I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store!   

I invite you to check out previous years' reader top picks from The Kitchen is My Playground, too!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Jenn! I appreciate you being a 'regular' reader of The Kitchen is My Playground ... I can always count on you for a super sweet comment!

  2. Tracey you always have the best recipes, and amazing photography too!! Thanks for sharing all your food awesomeness in 2013, can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the new year! Cheers to a happy and healthy year ahead for you and your family!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! "Food awesomeness" ... I like that! I so appreciate you being a 'regular' reader, Lisa. I love all YOUR awesomeness, too!!

  3. That no bake cookie pie is calling my name!! Happy New year!!

    1. Happy New Year to you, too, Cheryl! Oh, and I hear the pie calling you, too. :-)

  4. Oh man!!! There are so many I haven't seen that I am def going to try out!! That strawberry cobbler and those stuffed peppers! OMG!!! They look amazing!!!! I can't wait to give those a try!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! ~Leah~

  5. Thanks so much for sharing all these yummy receipes. I haven't made as many as I would like yet, but those I have made have been really super.

  6. They all look scrumptious...I'll take one of each ;) Thanks for sharing such a wonderful year!

  7. You are amazing! This all looks so good. I want to have a little of everything.
    We would love to have you join us at our weekly Super Saturday Link Party. It goes live tonight at 7 MST at It would be our honor to have you share your great work with us!


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