January 24, 2015

Quick Salami & Cream Cheese Bites

Need to whip up a tasty crowd-pleasing snack or party food quick?  Look no further than classic quick Salami & Cream Cheese Bites.  With just three ingredients, you can have a platter ready in minutes.

If you've got salami, cream cheese, and olives ... then you've got a party.  'Cause you've got all the makings for quick Salami & Cream Cheese Bites!  And hey, the olives are optional.

Okay, so maybe you want a little more than Salami & Cream Cheese Bites for a full-fledged party ... like beverage ... and people ... and at least a few other nibbles.  But with this simple little classic bite, you're at least well on your way to serving up a delicious party spread.

My Mom used to make these quick Salami & Cream Cheese Bites for me as a snack when I was growing up ...
... and I loved them.  Still to this day, I'll reach for a slice of salami {or two} and some cream cheese to whip up a quick and easy snack.  I don't know what it is about the flavor combination of salami and cream cheese together, but I sure love the taste.

Now Mom made these classic little bites as stacks ... stacking up layers of salami spread with cream cheese ... but I think it's easier and cuter to make them as roll-ups.  {Sorry, Mom!}

So just how quick is quick?  Hmmmm, maybe I should have timed myself.  But I didn't.

Anyway, let's take a look ...

Spread a slice of salami with softened cream cheese and roll it up ... {that's quick}

... insert three toothpicks into the seam side of the salami roll-up and stick an olive {if desired} onto each pick ... {hmmmm, that's quick, too}

... and then cut between the toothpicks ... {still quick}


Pretty darn quick, wouldn't you say?  You can have a whole platter of quick Salami & Cream Cheese Bites put together in minutes.

And chances are, your platter of  bites will be gobbled up even quicker than you could make them.

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Quick Salami & Cream Cheese Bites
(Printable recipe)
  • Deli hard salami slices
  • Cream cheese, softened
  • Olives {optional}
  1. Lay a salami slice out flat; spread with a thin layer of cream cheese. Roll up. Insert three toothpicks, spaced evenly apart, along the seam side of the roll up. Place an olive on each toothpick, if desired.
  2. Use a sharp knife to cut between the toothpicks, separating each roll up into three pieces. {For clean cuts, wipe your knife with a paper towel after each cut.}
  3. Repeat with remaining salami slices to make your desired amount. Cover and refrigerate if not serving immediately.

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  1. These look tasty. They'd be an easy appetizer for the super bowl party i'll be attending too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, Leslie, they are indeed a VERY easy appetizer. Have fun at your party!

  2. I made these for New Year's Eve -- love them. Instead of an olive on top, I include sliced pepperoncini in the roll. Have to admit, I hid a plate of them in the frig so I could have more the next day.

    1. I like your thinking of hiding a plate of them in the frig for later, Deirdre!

  3. we add a little horseradish and chopped green onions. We put a dab on 1/2 of the salami and fold it in half.

  4. I want to try the salami rollups...I am the only one in the house that really likes salami...bet I could entice hubby to try the rollups, though.

  5. Tracey I love this share wow! Found you on Lou Lou will follow via email. Great recipies :)!

  6. This sounds so good! I've seen a lot of these with pickles, but not olives. Yum!

  7. Great appetizers, I just love Salami. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you are having a great week and come back to see us real soon!
    Miz Helen

  8. I could live forever solely on the items pictured in this post! Delish!!!!

  9. Similar to ham rolls that my mom used to make-- except you mix the cream cheese with some horseradish. I wonder how that would be on salami

  10. Can you make these the night before?


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