Molasses Crinkles

December 19, 2018
Molasses Crinkles are our family-favorite classic molasses cookies.  Who needs those ginger snaps from a box when you can whip up your very own ginger & molasses beauties at home?  Oh, and these Molasses Crinkles are just perfect for that Christmas cookie exchange or cookie tray, too!

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Do you ever have some family favorites that seem to fall off your baking or cooking radar screen for a while?

I'm not sure why it happens, but at times I seem to forget about some of our favorites.  Which is exactly what happened with these beautiful and delicious Molasses Crinkles.  I have no idea why ... but I seemed to have forgotten about these molasses beauties and hadn't made them in years.

Who needs those ginger snaps from a box when you can whip up your very own ginger & molasses beauties at home? 

I'm so glad I finally remembered them.  Because oh wow, they're tasty.  Loaded with molasses, cinnamon, ground ginger, and ground cloves, Molasses Crinkles pack wonderful gingerbread flavor.

Which makes them perfect for enjoying with Christmas cookie exchanges and cookie trays.  But our family loves to snack on them year-round, too.

It's fun when you rediscover an old favorite classic, isn't it?

Molasses Crinkles Image

The recipe for these golden beauties comes from a family friend of my mom's from waaaayyyy back when I was a kid.  I remember my mom making these Molasses Crinkles when I was like six or seven years old, which I'l say ... was quite a long time ago.

I can remember helping mom roll the dough into balls.  And then helping dip the balls in sugar ... which, to me, was the best part!  I mean, what kid doesn't love to dip something in sugar?

Especially when that "something" is going to bake up into a beautifully rich and delicious cookie.

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To make the namesake crinkles in these Molasses Crinkles cookies, you squish the cookies with your fingertips or the palm of your hand part-way through their baking time.  Growing up, Mom always handled that part.  But since I've grown up a bit, I now get the fun of squishing the cookies all on my own.

When I made this latest batch, I decided to do a little experimenting to test the crinkle results of squishing the Molasses Crinkles at different times in the baking.  I tested no squishing at all, squishing early in the baking process, and squishing late in the baking time.

I discovered that when you squish the cookies does indeed significantly affect the look of the crinkles in the finished baked cookies.  Here are my results, so you can decide the kind of crinkles you want in your Molasses Crinkles.

When you squish the cookies does indeed significantly affect the look of the crinkles in the finished baked cookies.

In the picture below:

1. FIRST COOKIE ~ No squishing at all.  I just wanted to see what would happen if there was no squishing involved.  You get a teeny bit of crinkly cracks, but it's not real pretty.

2. SECOND COOKIE ~ Squished earlier in the baking process, after about 5 minutes of baking.  As you can see, you get lots of small cracks and crinkles.  And the cookies spread out a tad bit more while they bake.  This is my mom's favorite Molasses Crinkles crinkle result.

3. THIRD COOKIE ~ Squished later in the baking process, after about 7 and 1/2 minutes of baking.  This results in fewer, larger crinkles and cracks.  This is my favorite crinkle result.

How to Change the Crinkles in Molasses Crinkles Cookies Image

See all those big, bold, beautiful cracks?  I love them!

Molasses Crinkles Cookie with Large Crinkle Cracks Image

One thing's for sure ~ I guarantee it won't be years before I make Molasses Crinkles again.  

Nope.  I'm not going to let these yummy beauties fall back into the "forgotten favorites" category.  They taste way too good to let that happen again.

Like I did, I encourage you to rediscover a forgotten favorite ... even if it's not these gorgeous Molasses Crinkles.  I think you'll be glad you did!

Gingerbread Molasses Crinkles Cookies Image
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Yield: about 36 cookies

Molasses Crinkles

Molasses Crinkles are our family-favorite classic molasses cookies. Who needs those ginger snaps from a box when you can whip up your very own ginger & molasses beauties at home? Oh, and these Molasses Crinkles are just perfect for that Christmas cookie exchange or cookie tray, too!
prep time: 1 H & 20 Mcook time: 10 Mtotal time: 1 H & 30 M



How to cook Molasses Crinkles

  1. In a large bowl, mix brown sugar, shortening, egg, and molasses until thoroughly combined. In a separate bowl, mix together flour, baking soda, salt, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves; stir dry ingredients into molasses mixture. Cover and chill the dough for 1 hour.
  2. Place granulated sugar in a small bowl. Roll dough into walnut-sized balls; roll each ball in granulated sugar. Place on a very lightly greased cookie sheet.
  3. Bake at 375 degrees for a total of 9 - 11 minutes. Part way through baking (see times below), gently shake the cookie sheet and lightly press down on the tops of the baking cookies to produce a crinkled, cracked surface. {FOR LOTS OF SMALL CRINKLES: press cookies down after 5 minutes of baking. FOR LARGER CRINKLES: Press cookies down after about 7 1/2 minutes of baking. Then continue baking until the total baking time of 9 - 11 minutes is done.}
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Classic Molasses Crinkles ~ These family-favorite molasses cookies are perfect for Christmas cookie platters and cookie exchanges. And for everyday snacking, too! #molassescookies #gingerbread #Christmascookies

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  1. Oh my, these are my kind of cookies! They sound like an easy Christmas cookie that I'd like to try this year!

    1. They're just perfect for Christmas, Leslie ... or ANY time. Enjoy!

  2. Are you telling all your readers that I'm old :)!! I, too, have not made these in years so thanks for the recipe reminder 'cause they sure are good.

  3. I love ginger cookies. I can't wait to make these. Your cookie is featured at Weekly Rays of Sunshine today as one of my favorite pins this week.

    I'd love it if you linked this to Saturday Dishes. We are featuring cookies and candy today.

    Wishes for tasty dishes,
    Linda @ Tumbleweed Contessa

  4. My mouth is WATERING! Ha those molasses crinkles look amazing!! I followed you here from the link party at Chef in Training & I'd like to invite you to come link up to my party, too. It's Tasty Tuesdays & I pin EVERY POST that gets linked up! You can find this week's party here from tomorrow:

  5. I LOVE molasses cookies. I'll have to try this recipe!

  6. the cookies look so crinkly and good!

  7. Those are a great looking recipe, thanks for that side-by-side crinkle comparison!

  8. These are a family favorite here, too. This was one of the recipes that my mom gave me when I got my first apartment years ago. The original recipe is in the Betty Crocker cookbook (the binder), but may be in other editions too.

  9. I seriously have been craving molasses cookies! These look insanely good! thanks for linking to Less Laundry, More Linking

  10. I never squish mine down and they all look like your #3??? Also never put the drops of water on as the old Betty Crocker says to do to get them to crinkle...all very interesting???

  11. This is one of my family's favorite cookies also. I like the third crinkle/cookie the best too-- thick, chewy cookies are the best kind! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thanks for allowing me to feature your cookies in my round-up of 60 Ultimate Cookie Exchange Recipes on Taste As You Go! Happy Holidays!

  13. I just made these and they are amazing. sweet and savory. I added cocoa nibbs for a chocolaty crunch. Ill have to add this to my favorite recipes. thanks!!

  14. Your molasses crinkles look and sound delicious. Found you at Friday Frenzy.

  15. Oh my goodness, Molasses Crinkles indeed, what a very special holiday treat! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with us at Full Plate Thursday!
    Miz Helen

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  17. Love these. ❤ I live in high altitude so I made mine with half AP flour and half rye flour for a good chew and I made them small. They came out so wonderful.

  18. Have you ever substituted butter for the shortening?

    1. To get the best results you will need to use shortening. Butter will not give the same crinkle.


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