7-Layer Greek Dip

September 9, 2012
7-Layer Greek Dip ~  layers and layers of greek flavors ... hummus, tzatziki sauce, cucumbers, dill, kalamata olives, and lemon, to name a few ... all in one delicious dip.


Are you ready for some football?!?!!  Oh, yes, it's the first Sunday of football season!  I'm excited ... but my husband is not.

See, our household is ... well, ... a bit 'backward' when it comes to sports.  I'm the sports fan of the family.  My husband is decidedly not.  I've always thought it's kind of funny that a woman who loves sports (me, that is) married a man who couldn't care less about them.  Do you know how many men out there would be thrilled to have a sports-loving wife??  Oh well.

In honor of the first Sunday of football season, I'm sharing this absolutely delicious 7-Layer Greek Dip adapted from How Sweet It Is.  I love that it's a Greek-flavors twist on the usual Tex-Mex layered dip.  And - BONUS! - it's healthy!  Love it when delicious and healthy come together.

Now, hubby may not love football - but he sure loved this 7-Layer Greek Dip.  It's definitely earned the hubby seal of approval.

With layers of hummus, creamy feta, tzatziki, kalamata olives, artichokes, cucumber, and tomatoes ... all laced with fresh dill and lemon, ... it's definitely got my seal of approval too.

So, layer away, dig on in, and let me know if 7-Layer Greek Dip wins your seal of approval, too! 

7-Layer Greek Dip
Source:  Adapted from How Sweet It Is
(Printable recipe)
2 c. plain Greek yogurt, divided
4 tsp. extra virgin olive oil, divided
1/4 c. very finely chopped seeded cucumber
About 1 c. peeled & seeded coarsely chopped cucumber
3 T. chopped fresh dill
1 garlic clove, finely minced
1 1/2 c. (6.5 oz. jar) kalamata olives, coarsely chopped
1 1/2 c. (12 oz. container) hummus (or make your own if you have a favorite recipe)
1 (15 oz.) can artichoke hearts, well drained and coarsely chopped
5 oz. package feta cheese crumbles
Juice of 1/2 of a lemon
1 large tomato, coarsely chopped
Salt & pepper

1.  Grab a pretty good-sized glass bowl (this makes quite a bit of dip) ... and get started layering in the ingredients.  Layer #1 - Tzatziki:  Use paper towels to pat dry the 1/4 up very finely chopped cucumber*.  In a small mixing bowl, combine 1 1/2 cups plain Greek yogurt, 2 teaspoons olive oil, the 1/4 cup very finely chopped cucumber, chopped fresh dill, minced garlic, and a pinch of salt and pepper.  Spoon into the glass bowl, spreading evenly along the bottom of the bowl.

2.  Layer #2 - Kalamata Olives:  Sprinkle the chopped kalamata olives evenly over the tzatziki layer.

3.  Layer #3 - Hummus:  Spread hummus evenly over the olive layer.

4.  Layer #4 - Artichoke Hearts:  Use paper towels to pat dry the chopped artichokes.  Layer on top of the hummus.

5.  Layer #5 - Cucumbers:  Use paper towels to pat dry the coarsely chopped cucumber.  Sprinkle with a pinch of pepper and layer in evenly over the artichokes.

6.  Layer #6 - Creamy Feta:  In a small mixing bowl, combine feta crumbles, remaining 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, remaining 2 teaspoons olive oil, lemon juice, and a pinch of pepper.  Spread evenly over the cucumber layer.

7.  Layer #7 - Tomatoes:  While chopping tomatoes, remove some of the large 'clumps' of seeds.  Use paper towels to pat chopped tomatoes dry, and then place tomatoes on top of the creamy feta layer.  Sprinkle with a bit of salt and pepper.  Chill for about an hour to let the flavors meld.

8.  Garnish with a fresh dill sprig and a bit of lemon zest, if desired.  Serve with pita chips or crackers.

- *Patting the ingredients dry is optional, but I recommend doing this.  As this dip sits, it will tend to get watery ... so I do all I can to get as much water out & away from the ingredients as I'm making this.  Don't worry - if/when it gets a bit watery, it's still absolutely delicious ... just a tad more messy to 'dip' out.
- Due to the possibility of 'wateriness,' I usual make this the day I'm serving it, not the day (or couple of days) before.
- This is a very 'flexible' dip - change up the ingredients to suit your taste!


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  1. This totally looks fabulous. The only thing I like about football is the food! :)

  2. Yum, Could go for a bite of that right now. Sounds good. Thank you for the recipe.

  3. We're definitely football fans but I wasn't too thrilled when we were first married. My husband convinced me to try fantasy football and then I was hooked.

  4. I love using greek yogurt for dips! So much healthier! Thanks for sharing! I am LOVING your blog! I am a new follower and I would LOVE for you to join my site as well!


  5. What a great idea! I love the combination of flavors!

  6. what a great recipe! love the flavors and the look!

  7. This layered Greek dip looks and I am sure tastes delicious--great idea!

  8. Hi Tracey,
    What a great dip, this will be perfect for game day! Hope you are having a great weekend and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  9. what a healthier option than a heavy guacomole sour cream dip. Thanks for sharing this on foodie friday.

  10. This looks amazing! I love just about anything Greek :) Stopping by from Mangia Mondays, feel free to link this lovely up at my Meatless Monday hop: http://jessica-healthymommyhealthybaby.blogspot.com/2012/09/meatless-monday-grilled-carrots-and.html. Hope to see you there ;)

  11. I went on a girls trip to the lake this last summer and we had something very similar. It was delicious! I can't wait to try your version. Thanks so much for linking to the Weekend Potluck!

  12. Thanks to Comfy in the Kitchen for leading me over here. Can't wait to make this. I'm much more a savory kind of gal and my mouth is watering just thinking about this dip.

  13. Oh so yummy. Thank you or sharing.


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