9 Sparkling & Champagne Cocktails to Enjoy Year-Round

May 26, 2022
If you love bubbly, there's no need to wait for New Year's Eve to enjoy it. -- We say bring on the bubbly any time! Check out this collection of our favorite 9 Sparkling & Champagne Cocktails that are just perfect for enjoying all year-round.

If you're like me and love the bubbles, then you're always on the lookout for new and interesting champagne cocktails. We invite you to check out this collection of our 9 favorite sparkling and champagne cocktails, that we sure love to enjoy all year-round. -- There's definitely no need to wait for New Year's to pop open the bubbly!

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There's definitely no need to wait for New Year's to pop open the bubbly!

Royal Champagne Cocktails kick the "basic" champagne cocktail up a notch -- or maybe even two! Laced with brandy, Grand Marnier, and a hint of fresh orange alongside their champagne base, they're quite the tasty little gems. Whip up a "royal," and you'll be sipping away in style, for sure.

Royal Champagne Cocktail Image

Reinvent the classic go-to brunch Mimosa and make it a royal, too! A Royal Mimosa includes the basic Mimosa mix of freshly squeezed orange juice and champagne, but then also has Grand Marnier and brandy mixed in, too - which amp up the flavor and richness of this classic drink. With their extra splash of booziness, they're just perfect for Easter, Mother's Day, or ANYday brunch sipping.

Royal Mimosa Image

A refreshing combination of fresh lime juice, Limoncello, and bubbly sparkling wine, Sparkling Limoncello Coolers may just be the perfect spring and summer cocktail. They're super easy to make, taking all of about 30 seconds from start to finish.  In the time it takes to squeeze half a lime and pop a champagne bottle cork, this tasty cocktail is done.

Sparkling Limoncello Cooler Image

Cool, crisp, and light, a Sparkling Raspberry-Limoncello Cocktail is a simple mix of Limoncello lemon liqueur, sparkling wine, raspberries, and a bit of mint. It's one perfectly refreshing cocktail for those hot summer days. Not to mention with the contrast of its vibrant red raspberries and pretty pale yellow color, it's a stunningly beautiful sparkling cocktail, too.

Sparkling Raspberry-Limoncello Cocktail Image

Did you know you can put a little sparkle in your mint julep? The sparkling version of this classic bourbon cocktail is both super fun and super delicious. Who knew a little bourbon, a little bubbly, and a little mint could be soooo good?

Sparkling Mint Juleps Image

This sparkling version of a classic Cosmopolitan is just perfect for girls' night in, brunch, or hey, a random Tuesday. With its beautiful cranberry base and garnish, it's great for Thanksgiving sipping, too. Sparkling Cosmopolitans are super simple to make with just a few basic ingredients -- sugar, Grand Marnier, sparkling wine, fresh lime juice, and cranberry juice.

Sparkling Cosmopolitan Image

Champagne Margaritas combine the wonderful flavors of champagne and margaritas in one fun cocktail -- perfect for adding a unique twist to Cinco de Mayo, your New Year's Eve celebration, or to any random taco Tuesday.

Champagne Margaritas Image

Loaded with the wonderful flavors of apples, cinnamon, and the sweetness of honey, this Sparkling Apple Pie Cocktail has simply amazing flavor, It's just perfect for fall sipping, but so good you'll want to enjoy it all year long. 

Sparkling Apple Pie Cocktail Image

Laced with muddled fresh raspberries, fresh blackberries, and a bit of orange liqueur, this Champagne Cobbler Cocktail is crisp, refreshing, and flavorful. It's packed with the fabulous flavor of fresh berries in every sparkling sip.

Champagne Cobbler Cocktail Image

9 Sparkling & Champagne Cocktails to Enjoy Year Round! ~ No need to wait for New Year's to enjoy champagne -- bring on the bubbly ANY time! Check out this collection of sparkling cocktails to enjoy year round. www.thekitchenismyplayground.com

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