Corned Beef & Cabbage Recipe

March 4, 2015
Slow-simmer corned beef and add some cabbage at the end of the cooking time for a deliciously tender Corned Beef & Cabbage one-pot dinner.  You'll wonder why you don't make it more often!

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Corned beef is not a common dish here in the South.  In fact, I often have a hard time even finding corned beef brisket in our grocery stores.  But when I do find it? ... totally worth grabbing it up and making a big ol' pot of Corned Beef & Cabbage or our family-favorite, very-similar New England Boiled Dinner.

Having grown up in New England {Vermont, to be exact}, I grew up eating corned beef.  My born-and-bred-Southern-boy husband ... not so much.  In fact, he once witnessed a fight heated debate about the stuff between a Northerner and a Southerner! ...

The Northerner involved in said debate was talking about enjoying corned beef & cabbage.

The Southerner involved in said debate ... a cattle farmer, mind you ... was calling into question said Northerner's knowledge of cuts of beef, heatedly asking just exactly what cut from the cow corned beef was.  And stating that there was no such cut called the 'corned beef.'

Which, indeed, is true.

There is  no cut called corned beef.  He's exactly right.  {But I'm not so sure this was worth a heated debate.}

Corned beef is actually a brisket ~ a cut from the breast or lower chest of beef ~ that is then salt cured.  It comes in two cuts ~ flat cut and point cut, with point cut having more fat marbled through it ... and flat cut, due to it's shape, producing nicer, prettier slices.

Corned Beef Brisket

So I guess that makes corned beef a ... thing? ... not a cut?

Personally, I think who cares if it's a cut or not??  It tastes delicious, and that's all that matters to me!

And when cooked up and served up with big ol' wedges of cabbage?  Divineness in a pot.

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Now, brisket is a tougher cut of beef that requires long, slow cooking in liquid to tenderize it.  In the case of this Corned Beef & Cabbage, that liquid is a mixture of beer and a whole lot of water ... in which the beef is simmered for several hours.  Producing deliciously fork-tender beef.

Besides the long, slow cooking in liquid, to create tender corned beef one also has to be mindful of how the brisket is cut.  To make the meat more tender, always slice corned beef across the grain ... meaning the knife is running perpendicular to the lines of the meat.    

Corned Beef and Cabbage

So I think we've settled the heated North-vs-South debate that corned beef is not a cut of beef.  But I think we've also come to reach the point where we realize ... it doesn't really matter.  Corned beef is delicious, and that's  all that matters.

If you live in the North where the yummy stuff is readily available, I hope you'll enjoy a big ol' pot of Corned Beef & Cabbage soon!  If you live in the South or other areas where it's harder to come by, grab it up the next time you're fortunate enough to see it ... and enjoy yourself a big ol' pot, too.  I think you'll be glad you did.

Corned Beef and Cabbage
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Corned Beef & Cabbage

  • 4 to 5 lb. corned beef brisket
  • 1 (12 oz.) beer {anything except stout or porter}
  • 1 head green cabbage, cut into 6 to 8 wedges
  • 4 carrots, peeled and cut in large chunks {optional}
  1. Remove the corned beef brisket from its packaging, setting aside the spice packet that comes with it. Rinse the beef brisket with cold water. Place the beef brisket in a large Dutch oven and cover the beef with cold water; let stand at room temperature for 15 to 30 minutes to remove some of the salt. After soaking, discard the water.
  2. Pour beer over the beef; add fresh water until the water level reaches about 1 inch over the top of the beef brisket. Add the spices from the spice packet.
  3. Bring the water up to a boil. Use a slotted spoon to skim off any foam that forms on the top. Cover, reduce the heat, and gently simmer for 3 hours or until the beef is fork tender.
  4. Add the cabbage and carrots {if using} to the pot. Increase heat and bring the pot to a boil. Reduce heat and continue to simmer for 25 to 30 minutes or until vegetables are tender.
  5. Remove corned beef to a cutting board and trim off the fat. Cut meat into slices, cutting across the grain of the meat. Place slices on a serving platter. Use a slotted spoon to remove cabbage from the pot, letting excess water drain. Place on the serving platter alongside the meat.
- Either flat cut or point cut corned beef brisket works for this dish.  It is easier to cut a flat cut into nice slices, while a point cut has more fat marbling and will produce juicier meat.
- Beer may be omitted or replaced with 1 1/2 cups apple juice.  If using beer, be sure not to use a stout or porter beer as these are too bitter for the dish.
- If the corned beef brisket doesn't come with a spice packet {or you just want to amp up the flavor of the cooking liquid!}, use about a teaspoon of pickling spice.


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  1. Awesome post, I never knew the difference between the cuts of meat! I need to pause to see what kind I bought! Whew, I got the flat cut! I am from the North and we sure do love our corned beef and cabbage! Yours looks great!
    Cathy @ three kids and a fish

    1. Thank you so much, Cathy. Enjoy your pot of corned beef!!

  2. Saw this on the Tips and Tricks link party and had to check it out! I love Corned Beef Cabbage and love to check out the different ways people make it. Looks good with the beer Tracey!

  3. I love cabbage but have never had corned beef this way - pinning it to try soon!

  4. I love corned beef!! Can't wait. :) New follow here. I would love for you to come link up at my Feather Your Nest Link Up Party!
    Lory xo

  5. My dad is a big fan of Corned Beef and Cabbage, even though he was raised mostly in the south. Anytime we go to an Irish Pub, that is what he has. Thanks so much for linking up to Tips and Tricks. Hope to see you again this week.

  6. Oh delicious! I always get so excited to see what you have brought to the party! Pinned and tweeted. Thank you for being part of our party. I hope to see you on Monday at 7. Lou Lou Girls

  7. Yum! I love corned beef and cabbage..but never knew to make it with beer-yum!! Great idea.

  8. This amazing recipe has been featured on Making Memories Mondays! The party is going on now and I hope to see you there! :-)
    Cathy@ three kids and a fish

  9. This amazing recipe has been featured on Making Memories Mondays! The party is going on now and I hope to see you there! :-)
    Cathy@ three kids and a fish

  10. We would love your Corned Beef and Cabbage. Happy St. Patrick's Day and thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday!
    Miz Helen

  11. Looks amazing! Thank you so much for linking up at Tasty Tuesday! Your recipe has been pinned to the Tasty Tuesday Pinterest board! Please join us again this week!

  12. Congratulations!
    Your post is featured on Full Plate Thursday this week. Hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy your new Red Plate!
    Miz Helen

  13. Congratulations!
    Your post is featured on Full Plate Thursday this week. Hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy your new Red Plate!
    Miz Helen

  14. Made this for my husband tonight and it was very good. The beef was very tender! He makes his own beer so we had that on hand!


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