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Chocolate Fluff

This Chocolate Fluff is simple creamy chocolate comfort for dessert, whipped up in no time flat.  Kid-friendly and loved by adults, too.

Since moving to North Carolina from Vermont about 20 years ago, I have found a few things I miss that you just can't get in the South.  Like real maple syrup ... grade B.  Sure, you can buy real maple syrup in the grocery stores in the South ~ but not the totally awesome grade B stuff.  And fabulous Italian restaurants.  Yup, Italian restaurants are waaaaaaaaaay better up North.  And Ring Dings.  Ohhhhhh, how I miss my Ring Dings.  Do you know about Ring Dings?
These round little creme-filled, chocolate-covered chocolate cakes? 

Ohhhhh, they're little round bites of chocolate heaven!

My Mom used to pack them in my lunch box.  And I loved them.  Back then, they were individually wrapped in foil {instead of the current cellophane-wrapped two-pack} and I used to make a little hat out of the foil wrapping.  You know, chocolate yumminess and  a fun little hat ... you can't beat that.

I love Ring Dings so much that any time my parents or friends travel to Vermont, they bring me back a box.  And I do a little happy dance when my box arrives!  Then I devour them.  Every last bite.  In about three days flat.

And I'm sooooo excited right now because one of my good friends just got back from a vacation in Vermont.  And guess what she brought me??  I'll give you three guesses ... and the first two don't count.  YES, you guessed it! ... she brought me back a box of RING DINGS!!  Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance.

I'll be getting my Ring Dings fix soon.  As soon as I pick up my box of Rings Dings.

So, what's a now-Southern girl to do to get her Ring Ding fix when she doesn't have anyone traveling to Vermont?

Well, this Chocolate Fluff does a pretty great job filling the bill.  I get my creamy-chocolatey fix, all with just an easy-to-make mixture of homemade whipped cream and chocolate graham crackers.

This Chocolate Fluff actually came about by mistake.  But hey, don't lots of great things come about by mistake?

My brother's mother-in-law was trying to create an easy dessert that my brother's kids would eat.  See, they were kinda picky eaters when they were little.  In trying to please them, she created a trifle-like dessert using Cool Whip and chocolate graham crackers dunked in vanilla-flavored milk and layered together ... and she called it 'Nanna's Special Dessert.'

Well, let me tell ya, Nanna's Special Dessert was sooooo good!

So of course, I asked her how to make it.

Well, when I decided to make some, I totally forgot what she had told me.  I thought she had told me she just crumbled some chocolate graham crackers in whipped cream.

So that's what I did.

I whipped up some homemade whipped cream, and crumbled in some big hunks of chocolate graham crackers.

And it was delicious!

So, not exactly  Nanna's Special Dessert, but totally yummy.  And creamy.  And comforting.  And chocolatey.  And Ring Ding-y.  And one of the best mistakes I've ever made.

Now when you go to make this, you want to coarsely crush the chocolate graham crackers, like this ...

Don't just crumble them into crumbs.  With the 'hunks' of graham crackers, you get nice big streaks of choclatey-ness in the fluff.

Then you simply mix the graham cracker crumbles into some homemade whipped cream {or Cool Whip, if you want to be even easier} and refrigerate over night.

And there you have Chocolate Fluff!

That I could totally do a face plant in and be quite happy.

So in between my deliveries of Ring Dings, I'll get my creamy, chocolatey comfort fix from Chocolate Fluff instead.  And be very  happy with the substitution.

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Chocolate Fluff
Source:  A Tracey original {by mistake}
(Printable recipe)

  • 1 c. (8 oz.) whipping cream or heavy cream
  • 1/4 c. granulated sugar
  • 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 2 c. coarsely crumbled chocolate graham crackers (about 1 packet)
  1. Chill a large mixing bowl and the beaters of an electric mixer (or whisk attachment of a stand mixer) in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. Remove from the refrigerator and pour the whipping cream into the chilled bowl. Add sugar and vanilla extract. Beat on high speed until stiff peaks form.
  2. Fold in crumbled graham crackers. Refrigerate over night until graham crackers are softened.
Note: An 8 oz. container of Cool Whip can be substituted for the homemade whipped cream.


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  1. This looks so light and tasty! My kids will love this dessert.

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. Yes, it's always a hit with the kids!

  2. This sounds yummy. I like how this dessert came about. I like when mistakes turn out be something that is a keeper. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yuuum! Love how simple this fluffy dessert is, it's just the kind of dessert that I'll always have room for at the end of dinner!

  4. This sounds divine! I would be honored to have you hop over and share with us at the Tip Me Tuesday No Bake Linky.
    Wink~ Laurie {aka the Tip Junkie}

  5. OMG stop!! I'm drooling everywhere, this chocolate fluff looks SO GOOD! Seriously, I have got to try this. My boys would flip. Thanks for sharing this on Saturday Night Fever Recipe Link Party - pinned to our group board!

  6. I know a little boy who would LOVE this! Hmmm, Alex and I would love this too:) adding to my summer list!

  7. We don't have Ring Dings here in Texas...we have Ding Dongs which are suppose to be the same thing.

  8. Thanks for linking up to Tip Me Tuesday linky party. {knuckle bumps}

    Did you know that I can "lend" your blog posts my Google page rank for better search engine traffic? {fabulous}

    If you upload at least 2 images, 2 steps, and blog post URL into your Tip Junkie craft room, you'll be in business!
    {wink} ~ Laurie {a.k.a. the Tip Junkie}


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