Frosting Graham-wiches {aka: How to Enjoy Leftover Frosting ... other than straight from a spoon}

April 11, 2014
Everyone has their favorite use for leftover frosting, right?  Our family's favorite way to enjoy it is in these adorable and delicious Frosting Graham-wiches ... well, other than straight from a spoon, that is!

Frosting Graham-wiches {aka: How to Enjoy Leftover Frosting ... other than straight from a spoon} image

I know, I know ... when some of you read the words "leftover frosting," you're probably thinking ~ 'Whaaaaaaattttt?????  What on Earth is LEFTOVER frosting??'  While it may be a rarity, every now and then when creating a frosted dessert, we end up with a bit of leftovers of the creamy deliciousness.

So, what do you do when you end up with some leftover frosting?

Well, my husband's family has always made frosting sandwiches.  True frosting sandwiches ... with white bread.  Yes, two slices of white bread with a thick slathering of frosting in the middle.  Hmmm, I had never heard of this use-up-leftover-frosting method before hearing it from the hubby.

Nope.  Because my family always made a different kind of frosting sandwich.

We made Frosting Graham-wiches.

Which are, quite simply, two graham crackers with a thick slathering of frosting in the middle.

Adorable and delicious Frosting Graham-wiches are a fun and tasty way to enjoy leftover frosting!

I used to love it when my Mom would make these for my brother and me when she'd have a little dab of frosting left when making a cake.  She'd spread a bit of frosting on a few graham crackers, sandwich them up, and then set the little sandwiches aside ... sometimes overnight, ... letting the graham crackers get all softened up.  Mmmmmm.  Such a simple little treat.

Well, a few weeks ago when whipping up this White Chocolate Birthday {or Easter} Cake ...

... I ended up with some leftover White Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.

Rather than leave it in the bowl for the hubby to make his beloved white bread frosting sandwiches {or for us to enjoy straight from a spoon!}, I whipped out Mom's method ... and whipped up a few Frosting Graham-wiches.

But then I took those Frosting Graham-wiches one step further ... and dipped the edges in fun sprinkles!

Aren't they pretty?

Graham cracker frosting sandwiches image

While totally optional, I think sprinkles make these Graham-wiches extra fun.

And who can't use a little extra fun, right?

So the next time you find yourself in the situation of having leftover frosting, instead of just grabbing a spoon, grab yourself some graham crackers ... and some fun sprinkles, if you'd like, ... slather on the frosting, and enjoy yourself some totally tasty, totally fun Frosting Graham-wiches.

Thanks, Mom, for the fun treat!

Graham cracker frosting sandwiches photo
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Yield: varies

Frosting Graham-wiches

Everyone has their favorite use for leftover frosting, right? Our family's favorite way to enjoy it is in these adorable and delicious Frosting Graham-wiches ... well, other than straight from a spoon, that is!
prep time: 10 Mcook time: total time: 10 M


  • frosting
  • graham crackers
  • assorted sprinkles {optional}


How to cook Frosting Graham-wiches

  1. Spread frosting ... thick or thin, as you like! ... on one side of a graham cracker {spreading all the way to the edges if using sprinkles}. Top with another graham cracker. 
  2. Dip edges in sprinkles, if desired.
  3. Serve immediately, or refrigerate overnight for softened graham crackers.
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  1. I love that idea but have never tried it. Sounds good to me and will try it soon. Do you have recipes for using the frosting to make cake pops or cake balls? I have an upcoming birthday party to put together and thought that cake balls or cake pops would be awesome to serve on the dessert table. Your recipes are so good everytime I make them. Thanks and keep the recipes coming.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words about my recipes, Elizabeth! As for cake pop and cake ball recipes ... I sure do have some. Here's one for Salted Chocolate Cake Pops or Cake Balls ... with a step-by-step tutorial for making both: And here's one for Funfetti Cake Balls: You can truly do any cake/frosting flavor combination ... just keep the proportions & follow the process! Have fun planning your party!

  2. These look delicious, Tracey! I love how the sprinkles make them look so visually appealing too. Pinning :)

  3. My mom used to make these for us when I was a little kid, I made them for my kids just didn't do sprinkles, what a loss!

  4. Oh my... absolutely in love with this creation of frosting and grahams! Love how you displayed them, too. I grew up with this and now it's my boys' most favorite and simple treat. Thank you for sharing with us at the Show Stopper!

  5. Yummy! My dad used to make us peanut butter frosting cracker "sandwiches" when we were growing up....they were always one of our favorites! Thanks for sharing this with us at SNF!!

  6. I will take a dozen to go please! I remember spreading leftover frosting on my graham crackers as a kid, but yours are WAY cuter!

  7. Wow, you make me want to go buy a new TUB of frosting....LOL Thanks for sharing this at Dishing It & Digging It It. Hope you're finding some new friends. Have a good day.

    1. A batch of these would be soooo worth the tub of frosting investment. lol


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