Adorable Rudolph & Snowmen Mini Donuts

December 24, 2013
With just a few simple steps, transform chocolate and powdered sugar mini donuts into adorable Rudolph and Snowman Mini Donuts for an extra special Christmas breakfast treat.

Merry Christmas to you!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!  In celebration of this very special day, I'm sharing today the adorable Rudolph and Snowmen mini donuts my Mom and I made last year for Christmas morning breakfast.  They're such a super cute little bite-sized treat.

Now, this isn't really a recipe ... rather, just a little 'show-how-to-assemble.'

And, of course, I can't take credit at all for this cute little idea.  Nope, as we probably all know, these cuties have been all over Pinterest.  {Sadly, though, I'm not able to give credit to the original creator and link back to that site because all of the pins I checked for these didn't link back anywhere ... they just went into the Pinterest black hole.  So sad, 'cause I'd love to credit the creator.}

For the Rudolph donuts you'll need:  chocolate mini donuts, pretzel twists, red M&Ms, white icing {in the tube or in a piping bag with a tiny tip}, and chocolate sprinkles.

To assemble these red-nosed cuties, break the pretzel twists to resemble antlers and stick them into the top of each donut.

Then stick a red M&M into the center as the nose.  Finally, pipe two tiny dots of white icing for the eyes, and place a chocolate sprinkle in the center of each icing dot.

And Rudolph's ready for his flight! ... straight into your mouth.

For the snowmen donuts you'll need:  powdered sugar mini donuts, mini chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, and the ends of baby carrots {or orange jelly beans} for noses.

To assemble the snowmen, stick a baby carrot end {or orange jelly bean} into the center as the nose.

Then stick in two mini chocolate chips, upside down, for the eyes.

Finally, stick chocolate sprinkles in vertically, forming a smile.

Now, quick! ... serve 'em up before they melt.  Enjoy!

Merry Christmas from The Kitchen is My Playground


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