Orange Creamsicle Shirley Temple

March 19, 2018
Orange-y.  Tasty.  Brightly colored.  And easy to make.  This Orange Creamsicle Shirley Temple sure is one pretty mocktail to add to your kiddos mocktail line-up.  Oh man, it's just plain fun to drink!

Orange Creamsicle Shirley Temple image

I have so much fun creating and photographing drinks for The Kitchen is My Playground that I sometimes think I should have started a cocktails and drinks blog.  They're seriously my most fun thing I do here for the blog.

I think I enjoy them so much because they're just plain fun to garnish, style, and make look pretty for the photos.  Let me just say, it's way more fun and much much easier to make a colorful cocktail or mocktail look pretty for the camera than it is to, say, make a plate of mashed potatoes or a baked chicken breast look good.  

Some foods?  They're just plain hard and frustrating to style for the camera.

But not when it comes to drinks!
When it comes to drinks, big sprigs of mint, well-placed maraschino cherries, citrus slices, and fun straws go a long way to making them look extra pretty.  All while being pretty easy to add in, too.  I think two of my favorites drink photos I've done are my Coconut Mojito and Easy Watermelon Mojitos ... lots of mint and lime made these two cocktails look extra fabulous.

Now that I'm a mom, more and more mocktails are making their way into my drink line-up.  As I talked about in my Santa's Hat Shirley Temple post, whenever I create and photo cocktails for the blog, I don't want our 7-year-old little Miss H. to feel left out of the beverage fun.  So I generally create a similar mocktail for her to enjoy, too.

Which has led to some very tasty mocktails to share here on the blog!  Like our favorite 2-Ingredient Orange Creamsicle.  Or our Virgin White Sangria.  And now? ~ This super fun, super tasty Orange Creamsicle Shirley Temple.

Orange Creamsicle Shirley Temple photo

While doing some research about the classic Shirley Temple drink, I stumbled across the idea for an Orange Creamsicle Shirley Temple version.  I was intrigued and knew immediately that Miss H. and I had to give the idea a try.

With it's combination of orange sodacream soda, and the grenadine that gives the classic Shirley Temple version its characteristic sweetness and pinkish hue, it just had to be good, right?

Ingredients to Make an Orange Creamsicle Shirley Temple image

And indeed, it was good!  

We did think the original recipe for this orange Shirley Temple version was too sweet, and too strong on the grenadine-flavored side.  We wanted the orange creamsicle part of the drink to come through more fully.  So we tested and tweaked the ingredient amounts until we were happy with the taste ... and here is our orange creamsicle version.

Orange-y.  Tasty.  Brightly colored.  And easy to make.  It's sure one pretty mocktail to add to our line-up.  And man, it's just plain fun to drink.

How to Make an Orange Creamsicle Shirley Temple image
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Orange Creamsicle Shirley Temple
(Print recipe)
For each Orange Creamsicle Shirley Temple:
  1. Fill a tall glass or cocktail glass with ice cubes. Pour in cream soda, orange soda, and grenadine. Give the mixture a gentle stir.
  2. Garnish with cherries and an orange slice {if desired}. 
  3.  Serve immediately.

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