15 Stocking Stuffers for Someone Who Loves to Cook {& Bake}

November 30, 2014
Wondering what to put in the stocking of that someone-you-know who loves to cook and bake?  Well, I've got ideas for you! ~ with my list of 15 Stocking Stuffers for Someone Who Loves to Cook {& Bake). 

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As my Mom and my husband can attest, one of my favorite things about Christmas is opening my stocking on Christmas morning.  I don't know what it is about the stocking ~ but I've always thought it was so much fun to 'unstuff' it and see all the little treats that had been hiding inside.  It's like opening a whole bunch of presents at once!

I've pulled together a list of 15 stocking stuffers for someone who loves to cook, inspired by some of my favorite things to use in the kitchen.

I'm sure that someone-you-know who loves to cook and bake would love to see some of these in their stocking on Christmas morning.

Happy stocking stuffing!

1.  A Cookie Scoop is one of my absolute favorite kitchen tools ... so helpful in making beautiful, evenly-sized cookies.


2. There are about a zillion different lemon/citrus squeezers out there but this Enameled Lemon Squeezer is my favorite.

3.  I love a good Flat Whisk for beating eggs and all kinds of other kitchen whisking tasks.

4.  I seriously have four of these little Brownie Spatulas ... and they're useful for way more than just serving up brownies!

5.  Fun measuring spoon sets like this Rooster Set and Blossom Set add a little whimsy in the kitchen.  I have three fun sets ... one year-round and two Christmas sets.

Pewter Blossom Measuring Spoon Set

This is my year-round set ... it was a gift from my best friend.  Isn't it pretty?

  Crosby & Taylor Bamboo Pewter Measuring Spoon Set

6.  I use my Citrus Zester all.  the.  time.


7.  I remember when I had a 'regular-bristled' pastry brush ~ it would get all gunked up with butter and was so hard to clean.  With a Silicone Pastry Brush , I don't have these problems any more!

8.  I really don't know what I would do without my Digital Cooking Thermometer.  Love, love, love it.

9.  Different salts really do taste different.  Specialty salts like Fleur De SelGray Sea, or Himalayan Pink are a cool, fun stocking treat.



10.  What person who loves to bake wouldn't love some pretty sprinkles in their stocking?  Colorful Confetti Sprinkles are my favorite! 

11.  Candy Eyeballs are always fun to create with.

12.  It never seems like I can have enough Cinnamon Sticks on hand.  Not to mention, they'd sure make a stocking smell great, too.

13.  How about some great vanilla?  I know I'd love it!  ... in Vanilla Bean or specialty Vanilla Extract form.

Madagascar Vanilla Extract, 4 Ounce

14.  Saffron is certainly a spice treat for the cooking lover!

15.  A custom-engraved chopping block from my friends at cherryBLOX is a fabulous personalized gift.  Okay, okay ... so this wouldn't actually fit in  the stocking.  But it would be loved anyway!

I have two ... one for the blog and one for Mark and me 'personally' ... I love them both!

Happy stocking stuffing!

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