A Trio of Dips with Strawberries {Easy Entertaining}

June 27, 2013

When I entertain I like to have really delicious and really pretty foods for my guests.  And sometimes really delicious, really pretty foods take a lot of time and effort to prepare.  Which I don't mind.  For a few things.  But not for everything I'm serving.  That's just too much work!  

So I balance out those few time-&-effort consuming items with a lot of easy make-ahead really delicious and really pretty foods.  Like this trio of fruit dips, served with fresh strawberries.

I love to serve a beautiful platter of fresh fruit with yummy dips.  But know what I hate? ... that also just so happens to be time-consuming?  Cutting up all that fruit.

Mmm, hmmm ... sometimes I'm just not in the mood for fruit peeling and chopping.  So that's when I simplify and go with my one-fruit-three-dips strategy ... strawberries and a trio of delicious dips.  They're pretty.  They're delicious.  And they're easy.

I just give a big bunch of fresh strawberries a quick rinse, pat them dry a bit, and pile them on a platter.  Done.  And leaving the leaves on saves time and effort, and looks nice too!  Then I nestle in three delicious dips for dippin'.  

And here are three of my favorite fruit dips to nestle in that big ol' pile of beautiful strawberries.  

1. Grand Marnier & Spiced Rum Fruit Dip - This is seriously my absolute favorite fruit dip.  I love the flavor ... which comes from a combination of Grand Marnier, Spiced Rum, Triple Sec, and brown sugar.  I love the texture ... totally light and fluffy.  And I love how easy it is to prepare ... if you can measure and stir, then you've got all the skill it takes to make this scrumptious dip.

Oh, and if you do feel like cutting up other fruit ... this dip is a-mazing with bananas.

2. Nutella Greek Yogurt Dip - Here's another super easy, super yummy dip that goes great with strawberries.  Simply stir together some Greek yogurt, Nutella, and a tiny touch of ground cinnamon ... and you've got one creamy and delicious dip.

3.  Lemon-Poppy Seed DipThe zing of fresh lemon with the sweetness of fresh strawberries is a fabulous pairing.  And garnishing this dip with bright yellow fresh lemon zest brings a beautiful pop of color to the presentation.  Pretty, isn't it?  Note ... we have tried this dip with other fruits for dipping, and simply didn't like it as well as we do with strawberries.  We suggest strawberries as the dippers of choice.

All three of these delicious dips can be made in advance, which makes them great choices for my easy make-ahead really delicious and really pretty party foods.  Arrange them on a platter, pile on the strawberries, and dip away to your heart's content!  Easy entertaining style.



  1. Just cuz it's easy doesn't mean it's not tasty! These dips look de-lish; I especially love the yogurt nutella dip!

    1. I sooo agree, Kari! And that Nutella Greek yogurt dip is indeed tasty. Thank you so much for stopping by The Kitchen is My Playground today!

  2. Fun idea to serve a dip trio!! And delicious dips too Tracey!

  3. love the dips and LOVE the new site design

  4. Wow all of these look so yummy!!!! Especially the Nutella Greek yogurt dip - that sounds just divine!!!!!!

  5. This looks amazing! Now I know what I will be bringing to my next get together! Thanks for sharing!

    Take care,


  6. I love the idea of a trio! And they all look so delicious!!

  7. This looks so yummy...perfect for July 4th! Thanks for sharing at The Scoop!...hugs...Debbie

  8. These look delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    Allison @ www.allisonskinnyjeans.com

  9. Ooh I love dips Tracey! All three of these look incredible! Pinned and featuring tonight!


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