Cardamom - My new love!

February 12, 2011
I have a new love - cardamom!  I don't know how it has taken me soooooo long to discover this wonderful spice, but I'm so glad I have now.  Actually, I guess I've loved it for a long time - I just didn't know it.  It's a key ingredient in Chai Tea, and I absolutely LOVE Chai Tea.  I just had no idea that the wonderfully intoxicating flavor in Chai was cardamom.  (Side note - I've worked on a recipe for Chai Tea mix for a while, and have it tinkered to my liking ... but I'll save that for a future post.  Stay tuned!)

Cardamom, to me, has a fabulous and very unique, intense flavor.  Descriptions I've read of it describe it as having "eucalyptus tones," but to me it's like a very florally peppery taste.  I don't think there are any words to do it's flavor justice, honestly.  I think you just have to experience it for yourself.

Oh, I'm very much looking forward to getting to know my new love better.  Here are a few of the cardamom recipes I've found that pique my interest:

Strawberry Cardamom Shortcake
Cardamom Roasted Almonds
Cardamom-Dark Chocolate Tart (oh, my!)
Chai Shortbread (Hmmmm ... maybe with a cup of Chai Tea???)
Cardamom Vanilla Poundcake
Chocolate Cardamom Truffles
Cardamom Creme Brulee (can't wait ...)

It'll take me a while to work through these, but rest assured I plan on trying each one!  And, rest assured, I'll let you in on the results.  Cupid's cardamom arrow has definitely struck me!


  1. I will be a willing taste-test helper on ANY of these, they all sound wonderful!!!! I now love cardamom too, thanks to your sample for me! It is definitely a must in your yummy chai tea recipe! I will be purchasing some soon! Any specific brand?

  2. oh, just saw McCormick! thanks:)

  3. If you have an HEB in your area, they have spices in bulk - I know other grocery stores do also. So my hubby discovered cardamom awhile back and all the health benefits of cardamom, plus he does our grocery shopping and most of the cooking (I know, don't hate me, he just enjoys it). He says it's less expensive to get it on the "bulk products aisle" - and he has a collection of little plastic bags of spices he uses for various things. I absolutely LOVE your Chai Tea Latte mix recipe! A friend made it and gave me a big glass jar of it for Christmas. She shared your recipe with me, as I have now used it all, so I am about to make my own mix and refill that big jar!!! I am so glad I discovered your site! (By the way, google 11 Amazing Benefits of Cardamom on the website - this spice has wonderful benefits!) Thanks for all the recipes and suggestions you share on your site!!


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