Top 36 Posts of All-Time {so far!} ~ Celebrating 3 Years

February 17, 2014
Celebrating three years of The Kitchen is My Playground with a look back at the top 36 posts of all time.  Well, all time so far, anyway!

Happy 3rd Birthday to The Kitchen is My Playground!
I can hardly believe it's been three years since I started The Kitchen is My Playground.  Three years ... really???  Where does time go?!?  It's been a great year here on the blog, and I'm so thankful and blessed to have all of you as readers.  Thank you so much for being part of my little spot in blogland!

To celebrate The Kitchen is My Playground's third birthday, I thought it would be fun to look back at three big milestones from the past year, and then take a walk down memory lane by counting down the top 36 posts of all-time ... you know, one for each month of the blog's life so far.  Are you curious what the top posts are?  I know I sure was!

Before we get to the top post count-down, let's take a quick look at three HUGE {to me} milestones from the past year.

Milestone #1 - Blog Redesign!!
The Kitchen is My Playground got a major {and much needed} face lift over the summer.  Thanks to the wonderful design work of Vanessa at Nifty Thrifty Things, The Kitchen is My Playground went from this:

... to this!  {Much, much better.}  Thank you so much, Vanessa!

Milestone #2 - Two Super Fun Business Partnerships!
The Kitchen is My Playground began business partnerships with two local North Carolina-based, family-owned small businesses, cherryBLOX and Tastebuds Popcorn.  We are so thrilled and proud to partner with these wonderful businesses to help get the word out about their fabulous products!  As a business partner, we earn a small commission on sales generated through our web promotion activities.  It's a win-win!

If you haven't met these wonderful businesses yet, I highly recommend {of course} you pop on over to visit and get to know them.  You'll be glad you did!

Click to visit cherryBLOX - makers of gorgeous custom-engraved cherry wood cutting boards ~ the perfect personalized gift.

 Click to visit Tastebuds Popcorn - a gourmet snack company offering more than 200 popcorn flavors ~ there's sure to be one {or 100} you'll love!

Milestone #3 - 1 MILLION Views for 1 post!!
Woot!  Woot!  The top most-viewed post on The Kitchen is My Playground reached {almost} 1 MILLION views!!  I'm in awe.  It's actually just barely shy of 1 million views as of the writing of this post ... so I can't officially say 1 million views at this very moment ... but I'll be able to say it VERY soon.  I can't believe it.  'Cause that's a whole lotta views.

Curious what the 'million-view' post is??  You'll see at the bottom ... er, top? ... of the Top 36 Posts of All-Time Countdown!  So without further a-do, let's bring on the countdown!!

Top 36 of All-Time Countdown

36.  Kale & Apple Salad - We start off healthy for the countdown, with one of my absolute favorite salads.  And a little preparation trick with the kale makes it nice and tender.  It's oh-so-good with the crunch of apple.

35.  Hot Corn Dip - This hot {both heat-wise and spicy-wise} corn dip is always the hit of the party.  Coming in at the #35 spot in the countdown, it's a hit with you, too!

34.  Salted Chocolate Cake Pops -  Remember the cake pop craze?  Has it come and gone yet??  Well, even if the craze has gone, these Salted Chocolate Cake Pops are worth keeping around.

33.  Brandied Peach Cobbler - Oh. My. Yum.  This peach cobbler, with a sugar cookie topping and touch of brandy in the peaches, is out-of-this-world delicious.  It's one of my go-to summer desserts, when peaches are fresh and extra juicy.  I'm so glad you all like it, too!

32.  Pineapple-Pecan Chicken Salad -  Terrible picture.  Wonderful chicken salad.  I really need to redo this photo soon.

31.  Antipasto Pasta Salad -  Mmmmm.  Such a tasty {and colorful} salad.  Not many salads made it into the top 36, but I'm not surprised at all that this one did!

30.  Nutella No-Bake Cookies -  Nutella.  No-bake.  Cookies.  Need we say more?

29.  Chai Tea Latte Mix -  I'm a huge, huge fan of chai tea lattes.  But I don't drink caffeine.  So, this homemade mix allows me to enjoy chai lattes in a decaf form.  Yay!

28.  Hot Onion Souffle Dip -  I could literally eat this dip by the spoonful.  No joke.

27.  Champagne Margaritas - I'll certainly raise a glass of bubbles to toast the past 3 years ... and the years to come!  These Champagne Margaritas have risen quickly to take the 27th most popular spot ... as they were posted at the end of December, 2013, just seven weeks ago as of the writing of this post.  Impressive, little margaritas, impressive.

26.  7-Layer Cookies - A true family favorite!  And with 7 yummy ingredients layered in a pan and baked up, why wouldn't it be a family ... and reader ... favorite??

25.  Baby Shower White Chocolate Dipped Krispie Treats -  These cuties were created to please the pallet of six years olds at a baby shower.  I'm happy to report the mission was accomplished.

24.  No-Bake Mint Chocolate Chip Pie - This pie is so simple to make, and yet so yummy.  Love the combination of chocolate and mint? {and apparently many of you do} ...  Then this pie is for you!

23.  Stovetop Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese - This mac & cheese was published in the very early days of the blog.  It was one of my first posts to get a pretty big feature, and I remember I was soooooo excited!

22.  Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Peppers - We just love these Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Peppers, and looks like you all do, too.  I mean seriously, what's not to love?

21.  Salted Caramel Cupcakes - Oh, good memories!  I made these cupcakes for a friend of mine to serve at her niece's bridal shower.  The not so good memories about them? ~ that frosting took me about six tries to get the recipe right!!

20.  Baby Shower White Chocolate Popcorn - More good memories!  I made this popcorn for a double baby shower I co-hosted for two friends who were both due about the same time with boys.  It was so fun to make, and looked just gorgeous as table decorations in those pretty blue paper cups.

19.  Green Bean, Walnut, & Feta Salad - Every time I see how many times this green bean salad post has been viewed, I am {pleasantly} surprised all over again!  This is one of those dishes that I absolutely love, but figured would absolutely flop on the blog.  I was wrong!  'Cause with it falling in the top 25 of all time, obviously you all love it, too!

18.  No-Bake Hershey Bar Pie - You truly won't believe a pie this easy can be this good.  But it is.

17.  Tamale Pie Casserole - I revamped a favorite casserole from my childhood to bring you this version of Tamale Pie Casserole.  I still love it just as much as I did when I was a kid.

16. Shrimp and Grits Casserole - Such an easy and yummy way to enjoy a Southern classic.

15.  No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie - Made with Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies, this delicious no-bake pie comes together in a flash.

14.  Fruit Salad Cheesecake  - Apparently readers are intrigued by this unique fruit salad as much as I was.  When I came across this recipe, I just had to give it a try!  So glad I did.

13.  Chocolate Valentine Kiss Cookies - Yes, they're cute.  But they're delicious, too.

12.  Marinated Cheese - This Marinated Cheese is one of my Mom's go-to party dishes.  It's always a huge hit, and results in many requests for the recipe.  It's now one of my go-to's, too.

11.  Pineapple Upside-Down Cupcakes - Such a fun way to enjoy pineapple upside-down cake!

10.  Christmas White Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods - Starting off our top 10 is this totally easy Christmas treat that can be whipped up in no time flat.  Great for when you need to pull together a last-minute treat.

9.  Pizza Spaghetti Bake - We all seem to love our quick and easy dishes.  And when a quick and easy dish combines two of our favorite foods, it's sure to be a winner!

8.  The BEST Vanilla Cupcake + The BEST Coffee Buttercream - Oh my, I could use a dozen of these beauties right now.  I'm drooling on my keyboard just thinking about 'em.

7.  Funfetti Cake Ball Truffles - These cute little funfetti truffles were created from an act of desperation as a recovery of a huge 'oops!'  So it always makes me smile to see they've become one of the most popular items on the blog.  They even earned me being referred to as 'The Macgyver of the Kitchen!'  I think I like that title. 

6.  Brown Sugar Baked Peaches - I think it's the combination of yumminess and low calories that have led these beautiful baked peaches to the #6 spot in the countdown.

5.  Classic Oreo Icebox Dessert - Oreos.  Pudding.  Whipped cream.  Yes, please!

4.  Spinach Balls - I love to whip these up and keep them in the freezer for when I need a quick appetizer or party nibble.  Along with you, they're one of my all-time favorites, too.

3.  3-Ingredient Crescent Sausage Bites - So simple.  So yummy.  And such a surprise to me that this post became so popular.  I almost didn't even post this recipe because I figured everyone already had it!  Well, I'm glad I did post it because it's definitely become one of your favorites!

2.  No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Dessert - Truly a family favorite!!  Oh, and coming in at the #2 spot in the countdown, obviously a reader favorite, too!

And the {almost} 'million-view' post is ...

1.  Insanely Delicious Turtle Cookies - And I must say, you all have great taste!  These may just be the absolute best cookies I've ever had.  And reports are that you all love them, too.


  1. How fun. I like these flash back posts 'cause I get to see things I've missed. The marinated cheese is still on my to-make list - thanks for the reminder - it needs to happen SOON. Now, I'm goin' to check out the spinach balls....

    1. Thank you so much, Mindy. I always have fun pulling together these posts! Thank you so much for reading ... and enjoy those spinach balls!

  2. What a fun post!! Happy 3 year blogiversary!

    1. Thank you so much, Jenn! I appreciate you reading The Kitchen is My Playground and always appreciate your comments!

  3. This is so cool! I am in awe that you've got a one million view post! Wowzers! And congrats!

  4. This was so fun to read, Tracey! I am still not quite to 1 million PVs for my entire blog, so I'm blown away that you have that for one recipe! I'm a couple years behind you though, so maybe there's hope for me yet ;) Congratulations on this huge milestone, and thanks for sharing such a fun post with us to celebrate it!

  5. So fun to see all of your top posts Tracey AND Happy 3 Year Anniversary! So exciting!


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