Green Mountain Coffee Espresso Roast Iced Latte ~ chill out with your coffee fix

November 21, 2013

Thank you to Green Mountain Coffee for sponsoring this post.

Have you got to have your coffee fix to get your get-up-and-go going in the morning?  Or maybe to keep it going in the afternoon?  Well, now thanks to NEW Green Mountain Coffee Espresso Roast Iced Latte, you can chill out with your coffee fix!

That's right.  The folks at Green Mountain Coffee have brought that same great coffee taste we already know them for to iced coffee lovers ...

... in two delicious varieties ~ vanilla and mocha.

It's coffee shop iced latte flavor from your fridge!  Score.

The hubby and I had fun with our iced latte tasting, enjoying a glass of each flavor ... and then enjoying the two flavors mixed.  {Hey, you never know! ... we could have made a fabulous new flavor discovery!}  Vanilla was my favorite ... mocha was the hubby's favorite.  I liked the subtle sweetness and smoothness of the vanilla ... while hubby liked the rich, bold flavor of the mocha.

We may not have agreed on our favorite flavor, but we did agree that we liked the convenience of grabbing a nice, cold iced latte right out of our fridge.

But my tasting didn't stop there ...

Nope.  I decided to turn a glass of Green Mountain Coffee Espresso Roast Iced Latte into an iced latte slushie.  I gave some ice a good whirl in my food processor to chop it up pretty fine, poured in a little vanilla iced latte, whirled it a bit more, and ... voila! ... iced latte slushie.  Topped off with a shot of whipped cream for good measure.

I was truly chillin' out with my coffee fix!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Green Mountain. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. I love this drink but cannot find it anywhere! I have looked in at least two dozens stores that the company says carry it from Maryland to New Jersey and nothing. Any suggestions?

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