Chocolate-Covered Popcorn

June 12, 2011

So, what do you do with those leftover scraps of chocolate coating from making things like Oreo Truffles and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles?  And that 1/2" or so of chocolate left in the bottom of your dipping bowl??  Well ...

Chocolate coating scraps
... make chocolate-covered popcorn, of course!

I'll admit that this was not my first thought of what to do.  My original thinking was "Oh, I have a bag of pretzels in the pantry.  I'll get those out and make some chocolate-covered pretzels."  When I opened the pantry door, there it was ... a microwave popcorn packet staring at me.  And it had to be done.  I threw that popcorn packet into the microwave, melted all my chocolate scraps together, and then tossed the two together in a big ol' bowl.
You put the chocolate in the popcorn ... and you stir it all up!
Then I  spread the coated popcorn out on some wax paper and let the chocolate to set. 

Next time I think I'll throw in some pecans, cashews, peanuts, or other nuts.  It'll be a homemade version of Harry & David's Moose Munch!  Oh, how I love that stuff.
Just chillin'
Anyway, store your chocolate-covered popcorn in an airtight container.  Or, you can toss it in the freezer ... if it lasts that long!

P.S. - This treat received my Daddy's (our official family popcorn fanatic's) seal of approval!!


  1. That looks absolutely dangerous. I don't think I'd be able to stop eating it.

  2. I love it, Chocolate and popcorn!

  3. This great, love the sweet and salty combo:)

  4. You are too creative! You should do a little shop, I will work in it...Just saying!

  5. Thanks for linking to THIS WEEK'S CRAVINGS! Tomorrow we post the TOP CLICKED recipe, make sure to come by and take a look. Today we opened this week's theme "30 MINUTE MEALS". We hope you stop back by and link up again! Happy Blogging!

  6. Ooooh you're a genius! I've been popping my own corn to help keep the sodium level down, and I put a little butter and cinnamon on it the other day and it was delicious. But I will try this for sure!


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