Marsala-Roasted Chicken ... the taste of Chicken Marsala done easy!

April 12, 2011

Want the taste of Marsala with chicken without going through the process of actually making Chicken Marsala? Well ... here's an easy-peasy way to get great flavor (and very tender chicken) with little fuss.
This is one of our favorite meals.  And I love how truly simple it is to pull together.  Start by giving some celery a rough chop and placing it in the bottom of a baking or roasting pan.  This gives the chicken a "bed" to sit on for good roasting, and serves as a little bit of veggie side dish too.
Celery bed

Place your chicken on top of the celery, squeeze some fresh lemon juice over it, and then rub on an olive oil & herb mixture.  Put this in the oven to roast for a bit.
Herbed-and-oiled chicken

After about 15 minutes or so, pour half a bottle of Marsala into the roasting pan.  Now, this is very important -- make sure to buy real Marsala that you buy in the wine section of the store, not Marsala cooking wine that you buy with the vinegars and stuff.  Marsala cooking wine is way too salty and won't give the same great flavor.  Real Marsala is usually in the "Dessert Wine" or "Cordials/Aperitifs" part of the wine section.  It's worth seeking it out ... and will typically only run you about $6 or so a bottle.

Roast for about 20 minutes longer.  Hopefully your pan won't look quite as nasty as mine does ... but please don't let the nasty-looking pan scare you.  It's just Marsala spatters, and it does clean up!  (Mark can attest to this - he's our designated dishwasher.)
All done

Serve it up with veggies of your choice - broccoli and baked onions for us.  Yum!  (Note - I'll be posting about the baked onions soon ... stay tuned.)
Serve it up!

Marsala-Roasted Chicken
Source:  Adapted from a Friend


  1. Definitely trying this soon! This is Alex's favorite dish and I have made it before the other way with moderate success-my marsala was too sweet. Any suggestions on that?

  2. OMG...this looks much easier then other marsala dishes that I have come across. Can't wait to try this. Thank you for sharing :)

  3. You have provided excellent directions for Marsala-Roasted Chicken. It really easy and delicious. Thanks!

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