Mark's "Hot Snot" Brats

April 3, 2011
Mark is getting into this blog a little bit, which really surprises me ... in a good way.  His interest is fueled in part by the fact that the only "recipe" of his posted to-date is the #1 top-viewed post on the blog ... yup, the "I Tried Gizzards" post, featuring Mark's cooking, is the most popular post.  So, Mark would like to share another of his cooking adventures - "Hot Snot" Brats, a pressure-cooker recipe he created himself.  He accused me (gently) of not wanting to do this post for fear that he would then have both the #1 and #2 most popular posts.  I am not afraid.  If that turns out to be the case, I will give him the kudos he deserves!

"Hot Snot" Brats
So, when he was all ready for his cooking, he called me into the kitchen to give him a "proper" photo shoot.  He had all his ingredients lined up on the counter (along with his pressure cooker), just as he's seen me do before.  I asked if he'd just put everything there on the counter, or if he'd arranged them like that for a photo ... as I was a bit surprised to see everything lined up like that.  He had put the ingredients out for a photo!  He's so cute!!  I couldn't help but smile.

Pressure cooker & ingredients, ready for their photo shoot!
Then he layered all his ingredients in his pressure cooker ... first sauerkraut, followed by onions, brats, and then fresh jalapenos.  And, yes, I say his pressure cooker because it is absolutely his cooking utensil.  I am scared of it.
Ingredients layered in the pot
Then you drizzle in a good drizzling of olive oil (EVOO, as Mark likes to say!).  Mark says this is a very important step, as it keeps things moist and aids in pot clean-up.
Olive oil drizzle - Mark says this is very important
Next, pour in 1/2 a beer ... cheap and domestic.  The cheaper the better, according to Mark.  While the brats are cooking, drink the other 1/2.  (We wouldn't want it to go to waste, now, would we??)
Adding the beer ... cheap & domestic
Once the pressure cooker is heated up enough to pressurize (the little top knob is dancing), cook for eight minutes.  (If you don't have a pressure cooker, I would think you could simmer the ingredients in beer - it would just take longer.)  Then let the pot cool down.  Once it's cooled a bit, open her up to see your creation.  Mark wanted an action shot of the lid being removed with the steam releasing ... so here it is:
Action shot of the steam-release
Scoop a little bit of kraut, onion, and jalapeno onto your plate and lay your brats on top.  The jalapeno adds a really good spicy kick to the kraut! ... so watch out, this has some bite too it.  That's where the "hot snot" in the recipe title comes from.
I really enjoy Mark's "Hot Snot" Brats, so whenever he says he'd like to make some, I don't protest!  As much as I love to cook, I also very much enjoy a night off in the kitchen ... especially when I get to watch my sweet husband cook!

"Hot Snot" Brats
Source:  Mark Original
(Printable recipe)


  1. This looks soooo good! This is my kind of meal! I have always been interested in a pressure cooker but have been intimidated- he makes it seem do-able though. Love the way Mark staged the ingredients! What a treat to have a cooking night off too!

  2. Great to see you both having fun in the kitchen. Scott would love this recipe. . .I think I'll pass it along to him, as he is more likely to use the pressure cooker than I am.

  3. Good job, Mark! You going to cook these for me sometime?

  4. The title reminds me of when I was growing up. There was/is a saying "It runs like hot snot" if we were talking about a supe'd up fast car.
    (Think about it...)

    Personally I don't own a slow cooker, and if I did try this I'm certain I would need some sort of sauce over it for adding flavor. Beer alone just wouldn't cut it.

  5. I love the recipe! So manly and simple. Just put it all in and leave it there until cooked.



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