I tried gizzards

February 19, 2011
My husband loves gizzards.  Seriously.  Loves them.  He makes them for himself as a treat quite often.  Every time, he asks me - "Would you like some gizzards?"  My reply - "No thank you, I don't like gizzards."  Of course, he's called my bluff repeatedly and asked me if I've ever tried them.  No, I haven't.  What am I, six years old??  You truly have no right to say you don't like something if you've never tried it!  Well, I didn't want to try gizzards.  They look nasty.  They smell nasty.  The thought of them is nasty.  Surely, then, they taste nasty.

I don't know exactly what happened, but one day I committed to Mark that I would try gizzards.  I wanted him to do something, and he said he would do it if the next time he made gizzards, I would try them.  I don't recall what the "something" was, but I must have wanted it done really badly, because I agreed!  So, that's how I got roped into trying gizzards.

Well, the day arrived that Mark decided to make himself a gizzard treat.  Oh crud.  I was committed.  He got them ready in his pressure cooker ... that's how he cooks them ... and, I must admit, things actually looked promising.  He puts fresh rosemary, bacon, onion, and jalepenos in with them.  "The pot" actually looked kind of pretty.

Getting the gizzard pot ready - it doesn't look sooooooo bad.

After a short bit, the gizzards were ready.  It was time.  I could avoid it no longer. 

Ummmm ... not looking quite so appetizing now.

So, I put my big-girl pants on and cut myself off a bite.  Just a bite - let's not get crazy here!  Well, my suspicions were confirmed - I absolutely don't like gizzards.  And now I have every right to say it.


  1. LOL Don says gizzards are good I am taking his word on that not going to put my Big girl panties on proud that you did it for me Tracey
    Don says that Mark did not strike him as a gizzard kind of guy! I'll let him tell youo the rest in person.

  2. Don likes boiled plain old gizzards, yuck. He hardly ever gets them and wouldn't make them for himself anyway. Guess he doesn't want them too badly.

  3. I hope you washed that gizzard down with a large adult beverage!

  4. Tracey, It looks like you have a Kitchen Aid mixer. I read some time age that with a KA you do not have to sift your dry ingredients. It sounded like a good idea to me so I have practiced "no sifting" ever since!

  5. OOOPS! Just posted my comment to the wrong post! Anyway, I don't like gizzards either!

  6. not even quite sure what exactly a gizzard is, but am not signing up to try any time soon! -at least you got your part of the bargain done! :)

  7. Thank you so much for confirming my suspicions!! You have saved me and for that I am forever grateful!! :o)


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