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Articles include:
How to Build a Better Burger
How to Freeze Zucchini
How To Roll & Cut Cookie Dough
How to Melt Chocolate
How to Frost a Layer Cake
How to Make Buffalo Wings
How to Make a Margarita
How to Make a Martini
 ... and more

Yummy treats from The Kitchen is My Playground have been featured on ...

Huffington Post "Granola Recipes" {our Mocha Granola}


Parade's communityTable.com "8 Spicy Recipes to Heat You Up This Winter"  {our Hot Corn Dip}
Parade's communityTable.com "13 New Ways to Prepare Corned Beef"  {our New England Boiled Dinner}
Parade's communityTable.com "15 Delicious Cheesecake Bars"  {our Grasshopper Cheesecake Squares}


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