September 23, 2011

Come See Me at 'Frosting for the Cause!'

I'm guest-posting and sharing my personal cancer story over at Frosting for the Cause today.  Oh, and sharing these decadently rich and delicious Chocolate & Cheesecake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting.  Come on over and see me!

Frosting for the Cause is a year-long project dedicated to raising funds and awareness for research into women’s cancers.  Beginning January 1, 2011 a total of 365 sugar cookie & cupcake bakers/decorators and bloggers from across Canada and the United States are taking turns guest posting at Frosting for the Cause, treating readers to new recipes and goodies every day. Almost everyone, everywhere, has been touched by cancer in one form or another.  Frosting for the Cause guest bakers will also share, in a very personal manner, about a woman in their life who has had to face cancer head-on.  Come read my story.

Show your support for all women currently battling this terrible disease by visiting Frosting for the Cause today.

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  1. Hello Tracy,
    When I read your story in the Frosting for the cause, I thought I was reading about myself! I too had thyroid cancer just 2 years ago. I was 34. Thank you for sharing your story! :)


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