August 15, 2011

I'm One of 'The Sweetest' Volunteers

... and that title has nothing to do with my personality!  I've never claimed to be sweet.  I'm kind, caring, somewhat funny, a tiny bit creative ... but I don't know about sweet!

But today I did start something 'Sweet' that I'm really excited about.  I started donating my baked goods to our local Hospice through their 'The Sweetest Volunteers' program.  'The Sweetest Volunteers' bake homemade goodies for Hospice patients and their families, and Hospice nurses then deliver the goodie packages when they make their home visits.  These packages, hopefully, bring at least a tiny bit of comfort to the patients and families during a difficult time.

When I started this blog, I had the goal for it to be about more than cooking, baking, and writing posts about it. I also wanted to turn it into an opportunity for me to give back to the community.  I've spent a few months figuring out the best ways to do that ...

Donating to Hospice is the first way ... inspired by the wonderful Frosting for the Cause project ... and I'm so pleased to have made my first donation today.  I plan to continue giving on a monthly basis (or more) going forward.

Packaging up ...

As this was my first time going through the packaging and donation process, I experimented with a few different types of packages.  Let me tell ya, I sure learned something about myself today -- I am box challenged!  Baking, frosting, and decorating six dozen cupcakes? - no problem!  Folding and assembling cake boxes? - huge problem!!  See that one little plastic clamshell-style 1/2-dozen box in the middle of the picture above?  The one like you get when you buy cupcakes at the grocery store?  I think I'll be going with that type from now on!  Sooooooo much easier.

After packaging, I put little labels on the boxes so goodie recipients would know what they were getting.


Check out my Giving Back page to learn more about Gaston Hospice and to see other ways I'm giving back to the community.  I'm looking forward to my adventures as one of 'The Sweetest Volunteers!'

Ready for delivery!


  1. This is such an awesome idea. I've been wanting to do something (also inspired by Frosting for the Cause) and this is perfect. I am off to look into something similar where I live. Thank you!

  2. These are beautiful and made for such a great cause! Well done!


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