February 17, 2011

Update on my "50 Recipes for 2011" Project

I've made a little progress on my "50 Recipes for 2011" project ... I've got 8 done!  Out of the 8, there have been 5 successes and 3 failures.  Hmmmmmm ... that's only a 62.5% success rate ... a D- in report card terms!!  But I'm having a lot of fun experimenting, so that's all that really matters - right?

As I try recipes on the list, I'm making updates in red in the original post.  Click here to view that post and check out which ones made the success list, and which were failures.

I think I'm going to try either #23 Blueberry Gingerbread or #27 Coconut Pie this weekend.  Let's hope whichever I choose turns out to be a success!  Oh, and I'm still toying with tweaking the Chipotle Mac & Cheese ... I'm having a hard time letting the concept go ... I think I can make it work ... I think I can, I think I can ...  (UPDATE:  I did indeed try the Chipotle Mac & Cheese again using my "vision" ... still not great.  Gotta give up on this one.)


  1. I'm enjoying checking your progress on the 50 recipes. I have a bad habit of writing in my cookbooks after try a recipe and too many of them say "sucks" I guess I should change it to Failure...sounds better but means the same.

  2. Donnie - Thanks for reading! In our house, we say "keeper," or "not a keeper" ... that's another "nice" way to say it, too!


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